Confessions, Waves And The Garden State A Solid Debut From Fernandez

Courtesy: Paper and Plastick Records

Obi Fernandez’s debut album, Confessions, Waves, and the Garden State is a good record for anyone that’s a fan of the likes of Bob Marley.  This reggae rich record has a solid reggae vibe from start to finish that will warm listeners’ minds and souls enough to get them through the colder winter months with ease.  This record has some nice, positive pieces that would make any grown up hippie happy.  It also delves into relationship issues without losing its positive vibe.  All things considered, for anyone who has never heard of Obi Fernandez but is a fan of reggae, this is a record that is right up the alley of said music lovers.

Confessions, Waves, and the Garden State is a great escape.  The songs are simple both musically and lyrically.  It’s just a fun record that listeners can put on when they want to get away from the stresses of the world.  And again what better time than now, as the year nears the stresses of the holiday travel and shopping season?  Fittingly the album’s opener, ‘Have You Ever’ addresses those stresses. He sings to his audiences, “Does your worried mind keep racing to find/an answer…well it happens to me/All the time/Yes, I can feel it/All the time.  That’s just one part of the whole song.  The whole thing comes in at just over three and a half minutes.  In that time span, Fernandez’s positive, almost blues-like lyrics mixed with the easy going music will assuredly put listeners’ racing minds at ease.  That’s because these lyrics are words to which listeners can relate.  He lets listeners know they’re not alone in their daily struggles.  That reassurance mixed with the music again, makes for an excellent open to the album.

That same positive musical vibe runs throughout the course of this album.  And the positive lyrical content remains, too.  Just as in the classical reggae style, Fernandez offers fans a song steeped in positive vibes with ‘Get You Through.’  He sings in this song about love getting people through the day’s daily grind.  He’s not speaking of relationship love.  He’s speaking of love in a sense of love for one another from one person to another.  If people gave that love to one another, he is saying, then everybody could get through every day in much better fashion.  It’s a classic Bob Marley style song.

Fernandez offers his listeners a lot of great positive music on his new album.  While there is a lot of uplifting commentary on this LP, he also does delve into the realm of relationships.  One of the best of those songs comes late in the album’s set list in the form of ‘Ugly Comes Out.’  It’s a commentary on a person who obviously wants nothing but to cause trouble.  He makes no bones about how he feels, singing, “I just can’t wait/Till you open your mouth/So everyone can see/All your ugly come out.”  This is one of those topics to which so many people can relate.  He goes on to sing, “You think you get it/nothing could be more pathetic/You think you’re really something right/You really got nothin’ on me.”  He’s singing about someone who’s really spiteful to say the least and would do anything to get even.  Who hasn’t been in that kind of situation at least once in the history of their relationships?  The combination of relatable lyrics and jazzy musical backing makes this another song that audiences are bound to enjoy. 

‘Ugly Comes Out’ is just one more song that fans will enjoy on this record.  But it’s not the album’s only song.  Confessions, Waves, and the Garden State has a total of ten tracks.  Every listener will have his or her own favorite.  What’s more, fans can listen to the songs any time they want as the album is available now.  Fans can find out more about Obi and his new album online now at and      

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