VOD’s New LP One Of Its Best, One Of 2012’s Best

Courtesy: Candlelight Records

Vision of Disorder is one of the progenitors of an entire genre of metal.  This Long Island, NY based band is really to thank for the popularity of metalcore and so much more of what goes on today in the metal community.  Being that it was so far ahead of its time, it’s no wonder that the band ended up breaking up at one point.   But thankfully, the band has reunited and released an album in The Cursed Remain Cursed that is easily one of the best metal/hard rock albums of 2012.Next to Hellyeah’s Band of Brothers, VOD’s new record is that extra shot of adrenaline that the metal community has needed for so long.  Far too often bands that have broken up have come back with loads up hype, but have failed to live up to said hype.  That’s not the case here.  This LP is a take no prisoners album that comes at listeners from the very opening moments of ‘Loveless’ and doesn’t let up its attack a single bit throughout the rest of its run time.  Whereas the band’s earlier works were rife with raw energy, the band has seemed to take that energy on this album and really direct it in a precise direction.  Tim Williams’ vocals are as strong as ever.  As powerful Williams’ vocals are, one can see where Chimaira vocalist Mark Hunter might have gotten the influence for his vocal style.

The speed/thrash style churned out by the band on ‘Annihilator’ is just one of so many examples of what makes this album such a solid piece.  Again, Williams’ vocals are as strong as ever.  Add in the razor sharp guitar work of Matt Baumbach and Mike Kennedy and drummer Brendon Cohen’s equally impressive drumming, and audiences get one of the album’s highest of highs, musically speaking.  ‘The Enemy’ is much in the same vein.  It has those precise guitars.  What’s interesting here is that Williams actually tries his hand a little bit at singing, along with his screaming vocals.  Surprisingly, it works, too, making for a totally different musical environment in those sections in which he sings.

VOD has so much more to offer its listeners on this album than what can be noted here.  And fans will get to hear even more from the band as it’s currently touring in support of its new album.  The band is performing in Worcester, MA today.  They’re being joined by Misfits, Shadows Fall, This is Hell, and Freya.  The band’s next performance after today’s show is next Friday in Amityville, NY.  Fans can get a full tour itinerary online at http://www.facebook.com/VisionOfDisorder.

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