Piranna 3DD Ups The Ante From Its Predecessor

Courtesy: Dimension Films

Those evil flesh eating prehistoric fish are back.  And yes, they’re hungry again in Piranna 3DD.  This sequel to the remake of the 1978 horror/comedy flick is the dream come true of every pubescent boy and college frat boy across the country.  In simple terms, this movie is not meant for young audiences.  With more than enough sex, drugs, violence, and yes even full frontal nudity to make it a borderline NC-17 or even “X”,one can’t help but wonder how this movie managed to eke out an “R” rating.  It’s pretty obvious that as with its predecessors, this exploitation flick doesn’t take itself the least bit seriously, not should audiences who brave “wading” into it.

Piranna 3DD picks up pretty much where its predecessor left off.  This time, instead of terrorizing a lake resort, the killer fish are disturbed when the money hungry Chet (David Koechner) re-opens a water park that is half owned by his step daughter Maddy (Danielle Panabaker).  Maddy discovers that Chet has turned it from a water park to a sex filled adult themed water park.  In the process, he has drilled a well that would filter water into the water park.  That well woke up a bunch of flesh hungry piranhas.  So not only do they terrorize the nearby lake feeding the water park, they eventually get into the park itself.  Of course, loads of violence and bloodshed happens from here.  The story is so outrageous that there’s no way at all for it to be taken seriously.  For that matter, there’s so much blood and gore that those with weak stomachs probably would do well to steer clear of this one.  If anything, the real scare factor of this movie is that it leaves the door wide open for another movie.

It goes without saying in considering all of this that Piranna 3DD is very much a niche movie.  It is not meant for all audiences.  It’s obviously aimed mainly at a very specific audience.  Keeping that in mind, for those audiences who are looking for a great laugh and scare at the same time this Halloween, this flick might be a perfect fit.

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