Motorhead Live More Than Just A Concert, It’s An Experience

Courtesy: UDR/Motorhead Music/EMI

“We are Motorhead.  We play rock and roll!”  Whenever audiences hear those words, they know that they are about to be part of not just a concert, but an experience.  Even if a person can’t be there in person, hearing those words on DVD and CD will make home audiences feel as if they’re experiencing Motorhead first hand with the people who were there when the band recorded the shows for its live release, The World is Ours Vol. 1: Everywhere Further than Everywhere Else

Along with the recent release of The World is Ours Vol. 2:  Anyplace Crazy as Anywhere Else, Motorhead has proven that it has one of the best live shows of any rock band out there.  So many bands out there still rely so much on pyro and other showmanship.  Motorhead on the other hand shows on this release that the old adage of less is more is true.  On this first half of its live release, this group of old dogs continues to show it doesn’t need new tricks to impress its audiences.  Lemmy, Mickey, and Phil rock crowds of thousands with little more than their music.  That is the power of music.  That is the importance of music.  That is the importance of Motorhead. 

The World is Ours Vol. 1: Everywhere Further than Everywhere Else stands out as one of the year’s best live releases first and foremost because of its shooting.  The entire DVD portion of the package was shot in black and white.  There are those who would criticize film makers who present any live concert, movie, etc. in black and white.  They would argue that the style has become overdone among other arguments.  However, in the case of Motorhead live, the black and white adds the band’s minimalist on stage presence.  It gives an equally impressive feeling when viewers are taken out among the fans.  It’s a feeling that can’t be put into words.  Rather, it’s something that has to be experienced for one’s own self.  The crowd’s frenetic energy set against the band’s on stage presence is an amazing dichotomy.  That energy translates quite well on screen and will get any viewer’s energy up, too.

The energy translated through the visual portion of this package is just one part of what makes it one of the year’s best live recordings.  It also comes with a double disc CD set.  The pair of CD’s included in the overall triple-disc set present all three recorded performances from the set’s DVD portion.  To sweeten the deal both discs present the performances in exactly the same order as what is presented on the DVD.  What does this have to do with the price of tea in China one might ask?  This is something important in that so many live recordings presented in similar fashion will either mix up the performance order or will even omit songs here and there on one portion of their presentation or another.  So having the entire set of performances presented in exactly the same order both on CD and DVD maintains the set’s full integrity.  Everyone at UDR, Motorhead Music and EMI are to be commended for this.

The video and audio play a major role in the success of The World is Ours Vol. 1: Everywhere Further than Everywhere Else.  There’s at least one more element that makes it an impressive multi-disc set.  That factor is the set’s packaging.  So often, record labels release live recordings separately on their own audio and video formats.  But as with the second volume of the band’s tour presentation, the packaging here includes both the audio and video presentation in one.  Sure it may be a bit more costly than other sets.  But the price is worth it considering that the full live experience is included in one set.  For that matter, the set is presented in an easily manageable gatefold package.  It would have been easy to just place the set into a standard case with double sided insert.  But that style of case can be problematic.  Trying to get the insert to swing out can lead to it breaking to even the case itself getting cracked.  Using a gatefold presentation allows audiences to simply unfold the case and pick the disc of their own choice.  Vol. 2 is packaged in exactly the same fashion, making the entire seven-disc set that much more impressive.  Again, those involved with making this portion of the set happen are also to be commended.  The packaging combined with the equally enjoyable audio and video make The World is Ours Vol. 1: Everywhere Further than Everywhere Else one of the year’s top two best live recordings.  It’s available in stores and online now.  It can be ordered direct via UDR’s website at

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