Ice Age 4 A Funny, Heartwarming Finale To The Ice Age Franchise

Courtesy: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

The newest and likely final installment of the hugely popular Ice Age franchise is by far the best of the series.  This franchise started out as being okay at best.  Now with this installment, audiences are presented with a story that combines comedy, pop culture, and even classical literature for a work that the whole family will enjoy.  As audiences will learn in the bonus features of the upcoming home release, it’s a re-telling of the classic tale of Odysseus.  The addition of comedic elements and an all-star cast make it that much more enjoyable for both parents and children.  And it will easily make it the favorite of the Ice Age franchise for the family, too.Ice Age: Continental Drift is the best of the franchise so far.  Far too often in the current era of movie making, the trend has been that sequels have become increasingly worse as time goes on.  This story, on the other hand, has done the exact opposite.  It has shown that it is possible for a franchise to get better as it goes on.  It’s a good movie first and foremost in that it managed to combine Peaches’ coming-of-age story and Manny’s Odysseus story without hindering each other.  Audiences get two stories that eventually intertwine thanks to the writing staff behind them.

Courtesy: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

As the movie goes along, the comic timing of its a-list voice cast will garner laughs both from parents and kids alike.  Wanda Sykes is a laugh riot throughout the story as Sid’s grandmother.  Her jokes about the last time she took a bath and her constant calling out to her pet, “Precious” make for plenty of funny moments throughout the story.  Add that in to John Leguizamo’s still spot on humor as Sid counterpointed by Ray Romano and Denis Leary, and audiences continue to get loads of laughs.  The laughs brought from the entire cast raises another interesting point about the movie’s success.  Considering that this is in its most basic form an ensemble movie, no one character ever outshines the other.  The chemistry between the cast keeps the story moving.  Though it manages to keep itself moving to begin with, making it that much easier to watch.

Audiences will enjoy Ice Age:  Continental Drift thanks to its cast and its story.  They combine to make for a movie that parents and kids alike will enjoy.  There’s at least one more element that makes it a movie worth checking out.  The bonus features included with its new home release reveal that it is in reality a take-off of the classic myth of Odysseus.  Learning this makes for more appreciation as it can be used as a way to introduce younger audiences into the world of Greek Mythology.  It shows how entertaining classic mythology can be.  So in essence, it can actually promote literacy without even trying.  For that, the story and all involved deserve commendation for their efforts.  It’s more proof of the importance of bonus features in home releases of any movie.

Courtesy: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

This is one movie that didn’t necessarily need bonus features to make it more enjoyable.  But the feature showing how this story came to life does add even more appreciation for it.  Fans will see that for themselves when the DVD, BD/DVD combo Pack and 3-D BD sets are all released.  Ice Age:  Continental Drift hits stores and online outlets December 11th, just in time for the holidays.  It can be ordered direct online at

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