New Stones Set Is 2012’s Best Music Box Set

Courtesy: ABKCO Records

It goes without saying that The Rolling Stones is one of the greatest and most iconic rock bands in the history of modern popular and rock music.  This band of Brits has been rocking audiences for half a century now.  And in honor of its fiftieth anniversary, the band is celebrating with concerts and a variety of newly re-issued releases.  Among those new releases is the brand new release of the band’s 1965 show from Ireland, Charlie is My Darling.  The show has been released in a variety of formats.  But for anyone who is a true hardcore fan of The Rolling Stones, the best way to go is the Super Deluxe edition of this concert/documentary.  Especially with the holidays right around the corner, this mega set is the perfect gift for the Stones fan in anyone’s family.The Super Deluxe box set of Charlie is My Darling includes everything that is featured by itself and some bonus material all combined into one big box.  Fans get the concert documentary from the band’s 1965 Ireland show along with the show itself on both CD and vinyl.  To sweeten the deal, ABKCO Records has also included the documentary’s soundtrack on CD and a bonus book offering extra photos and background on the show.  Among the most interesting facts to consider about this event is that the Stones being a British band playing in the notoriously split nation showed in a big way, the power of music.  It didn’t matter whether the audience was Protestant or Catholic, British or Irish.  This concert brought the audience together as one unit, proving true the adage that music truly is the universal music.

Getting to hear the concert on CD and vinyl is one thing.  But getting to see the footage brings everything home, and really makes the entire show that much more powerful.  It’s wild to see the audience so overwhelmed by the then very young band that concertgoers were rushing the stage.  The audience members that rushed the stage meant no harm to the band.  They were just that excited.  Even wilder is that the fans were so overcome (as was the band by the fans), that the band had to cut its show short for their own safety and for that of the fans.  It says quite a bit about a band that has obviously gone on to be the biggest band in the world.  It’s especially interesting considering that even Mick Jagger himself notes in interviews that he didn’t expect the band to be big.  That was back then.  He noted that he figured the band would be big and then fade.  How wrong was he?  That’s really something for discussion.  The band was so young in its age and career.  Yet fans were already going absolutely crazy for The Rolling Stones.  How many bands, fans, and/or critics can say that they’ve seen such a powerful impact from any musical act so early in its career?  Experiencing this impact firsthand through this new set shows how important the Stones were then and how much more important they are now, especially considering this release.

The CD’s, DVD, and Blu-ray are excellent additions to this set, as is the accompanying behind the scenes book.  But what really seals the deal here is the bonus vinyl.  The double sided vinyl presents the concert as it would have been presented in 1965.  There’s even the static that old school vinyls had.  There are so many vinyls that somehow lack that old static feeling, somewhat taking away from the nostalgic feel that they should be imparting.  This vinyl isn’t one of them.  Audiences get that nostalgic feel, making for the final piece in what is one of 2012’s best musical box sets, hands down.  Charlie is My Darling is available in stores and online now.  It can be ordered direct via the ABKCO Records website,

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