Delta Rae Releases Video For New Single

Durham, North Carolina’s own Delta Rae is making waves at radio stations across the country, and making fans out of even more audiences in the process.  Now the band has taken another step in its career as it has released the video for its new single, ‘Dance in the Graveyard.’  The video is a Dia de los Muertos themed piece.  By contrast, its upbeat lyrics make for a video that’s deeply moving. 

Photo Credit: Norman Wonderly

Band member Ian Holljes said of the inspiration behind the song, “These past few years have been the first of my life when I’ve lost people who were really close to me”, he said.  “The death of one of my closest friends as well as a mentor with whom I lived with left a really strong impression with me and inspired this song.  These people were wonderful parts of my life.  For me, they’re not resting in piece.  They remain vivid, important influences in my life.  They still move me, and in so many ways I’m still dancing with their spirits and the memories they left behind.  The song reflects both my personal attitude towards dying, but also how I want to remember the people I love who have passed on.”

Holljes went on to explain how these feelings translated to the vision for the song’s video.  “When it came time to shoot a video for the song, we wanted to pay homage to Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican holiday whose rituals treat death with a similar celebratory feeling as the song—remembering the dead as vibrant and real—and create a story where the dead and the living are reunited to dance once more.”

Fans can check out the video for the song right now on YouTube at

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