New Doors Blu-ray A Beautifully Re-Mastered Performance

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision

The year is winding down once more.  The weather is getting cooler.  And that means that the concert tours that are currently going on have gone indoors.  So what is a person to do until the warm weather and the annual Summer tour season returns?  How about another new release from Eagle Rock Entertainment?  In its latest release, Eagle Rock Entertainment has released one more iconic concert from what was, is, and always will be one of rock’s most iconic bands.  That band is The Doors.

The Doors: Live at The Bowl ’68 is one of the most important performances from the storied career of this psychedelic band.  As audiences will note in the bonus featurette included in this new release, “Echoes From The Bowl”, this famed concert venue started out as a place for whole families to go.  It started out not as a venue for mainstream music, but for classical and other forms of performances.  But it goes on to note that as music tastes changed, so did the Bowl’s performance lineups.  And one of those changes was in the form of Jim Morrison and company.  Probably no one would have seen that one coming, including the band itself.  Even the remaining band members note in this feature that they themselves were in awe of being at the famed Hollywood Bowl.  But as audiences will see in watching this re-mastered performance, the band was a massive hit as the entire venue was packed with fans.  And those fans showed their appreciation for the band’s performance, too.  The audience’s reaction to the band’s performance translates quite well for home audiences. 

The audience’s reaction to the band’s performance translates very well to home viewers.  The reaction aside, the band’s performance itself also translates quite well to home viewers.  Part of the reason that the performance and the audience’s reaction to it translated so well was perhaps the re-mastering of this performance.  Those who have HDTV’s and Blu-ray players will be amazed at the clarity of the picture and the sound.  Considering that this performance was originally recorded in 1968, it’s amazing simply to think that the footage stood the test of time so well.  Add in how it was…well…masterfully re-mastered (ba-dump-bump-bump), and audiences get a recording that will leave them in awe.  It’s one more piece of evidence in the argument for getting an HDTV and/or Blu-ray player this holiday season.  For those that already have either one or both, then this new Blu-ray release will make an excellent gift idea for the classic rock fan in anybody’s home.

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