Mankind A Great Cap To A Great Year For History Channel

Courtesy: History Channel/A&E Home Video

History Channel has put out some of the year’s best historical documentaries in 2012.  From History of the World in 2 Hours’ to ‘Planet Egypt’ and WWII in HD, the documentaries released by History Channel this year have all been great pieces both in and out of the classroom.  Now, History Channel is wrapping up the year the way that it started it with the release of Mankind; The Story of All of Us.

Mankind: The Story of All of Us is an excellent companion piece to the network’s previously released documentaries from this year.  It combines the history of the network’s other documentaries for the broadest and most comprehensive documentary yet.  The entire presentation starts at the beginning of human existence and movies straight up through the modern age.  The triple disc Blu-ray presentation takes viewers on a journey through some of the most important of the world’s turning points.  From the end of the ice age, to the advent of weapons through time, all the way to the advent of modern electronic media and technology, and its future, audiences are offered these points and more during the special’s nine hours plus.

The information presented throughout the course of Mankind: The Story of All of Us is perfect for both the classroom setting and for the general viewer.  As with History Channel’s previously released documentaries, it is split up into multiple segments.  Inside the classroom, it allows teachers and instructors to stop and start where need be.  Added to History’s previously released documentaries from this year, it and the aforementioned pieces make for more than enough information for an entire semester or even academic year-long course of study.  The acting scenes which have seemingly become the norm for History Channel’s documentaries add to the impressive nature of this presentation.  They and the interviews with various academics and figures from other backgrounds make for excellent aids for both visual and auditory learners.  Yet again, kudos goes to all involved with this presentation for that standard addition.  Outside the classroom, it allows the average viewer to do much the same as in the classroom just without the academic intent.

The intrinsic value from Mankind: The Story of All of Us is obvious after watching just a few segments of this new special.  The extrinsic value is obvious, too.  It’s obvious in the triple-disc set’s packaging.  The set is placed into a slim case that will take up very little room on anyone’s DVD and Blu-ray rack.  The discs are placed with one disc on one side and the other pair on the other side of the case, making for very little room taken up both inside the case and on racks.  It’s one more positive to an already impressive set both for educators and for general audiences everywhere.

Mankind: The Story of All of Us will be available on December 18th, just in time for the holidays.  It can be ordered direct online via History Channel’s online store,  It will be available both on DVD and Blu-ray.

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