Bagans, Khans’ Electronica Album A Standout Electronica LP

Courtesy:  Zak Bagans Entertainment

Courtesy: Zak Bagans Entertainment

Necrofusion is one of the most interesting releases in the world of electronica today.  The product of the partnership between Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans and artist Praga Khan has resulted in an album that is as interesting as it is eerie.  The combination of Praga Khan’s music with segments of the Ghost Adventures episodes surprisingly works quite well.  They combine for a release that can’t fully be taken in from a single listen.  One of the most intriguing of this compilation’s songs would have to be ‘Poor Pearl.’  Country artist Bobby Mackey joins in with a little country twang that expertly contrasts the eerie mix of techno and the story of what happened to young Pearl.  According to the story in the song, the young woman was murdered, and her head was used as a sacrifice for a rather nefarious purpose.  Add that story in to the music and Zak’s vocal segments, and listeners are presented with a song that is both scary and enjoyable at the same time.

‘Poor Pearl’ is followed by an equally interesting song in ‘Sing For Me.’ Zak is talking to a spirit in this song who he is trying to get to sing for him.  The spirit does make contact with him, too.  It’s a little bit difficult to make out exactly what the spirit in question is saying to him without any sort of captioning that is done on the show.  But it’s that attempt to make out what the spirit is saying that makes this another of the album’s more interesting songs.  Of course, the musical backing of Praga Khan once again played its own role here.  Khan’s mastery of the craft shows yet again, making for another song that could equal the work of any other electronic artist out there today.

The album peaks at just the right point in ‘Dead Awaiting.’  The mix of heavy guitars, strings and electronics alone make for a song that as with the previously noted pieces stands out.  Add in the vocal segments of Zak asking a spirit about what happens when we die makes this far more than just an eerie track, but a song that is the best of the album.  The song opens very quietly with a guitar and piano.  Listeners then hear Zak asking the spirit in question about what happens after death.  He asks why the spirits come to him.  It’s the tone and delivery of this question combined with the sudden addition of a much heavier guitar part that makes the song that much more powerful.  By contrast, the strings set against the guitars add to the song’s power.  They help to make this the album’s highest point.

Necrofusion boasts far more than just three good songs.  There are far more that fans of electronica and Goth style sounds will appreciate.  For instance, there is the full on hit of ‘Demonator’, the creepy album opener, ‘In My Dungeon’, and ‘Good and Evil’ that listeners will love, too.  Whether for any of these or the album’s other songs, anyone who is a fan of Ghost Adventures or of electronica will find something to cheer about with this album.  It’s available now in stores and online.

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