Glee Seasons One And Two Will Leave Fans “Singing” Show’s Praises

Courtesy:  20th Century Fox

Courtesy: 20th Century Fox

Fox’s Glee is hitting all the right notes and running on all cylinders now in its fourth season.  And even since its very first season, it’s been pulling audiences of all ages both because of its storylines and because of its musical selections.  With the fourth season pretty much wrapped up and Christmas right around the corner, some audiences might be interested in catching up with this hit show from the beginning.  Luckily for those individuals, the show’s first two seasons are available now on DVD and Blu-ray. 

Audiences will enjoy the first two seasons both for their storylines and music.  They will also enjoy them for their extrinsic value, too.  Right off the bat, audiences will note that the packaging for both Season One and Season Two is a positive.  The sets’ discs are placed on their own spot on “leaves” inside the case opposite one another.  In other words, one disc is on one spot of the “leaf” while the other is on the other side.  This is increasingly becoming the norm for both DVD and Blu-ray box sets.  And it’s a very smart method of packaging said box sets, too.  It saves space on DVD and Blu-ray racks and protects the discs at the same time.

Courtesy:  20th Century Fox

Courtesy: 20th Century Fox

Getting into a deeper level, audiences will enjoy and appreciate the first two seasons of Glee right from the show’s pilot episode.  The show’s pilot episode sets the stage for what has become a pop culture phenomenon.  Teacher Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) takes on the glee club, “New Directions” at his new school to prove himself to the school.  The whole high school “caste” system is there, complete with the belief that the glee club is the school’s “untouchables.”  This actually becomes somewhat funny as Will goes to the length of blackmailing a student with marijuana in order to get said student to join the glee club.  One can’t help but laugh at how Will handles this situation.  While there’s lots of laughs offered throughout this and every episode, Glee also presents today’s harsh realities of high school.  It presents the realities of high school life today in a way in which both young audiences and older audiences alike can relate.  As the old adage states, the more things chance, the more they stay the same.  And older audiences will be able to vouch for that in watching Glee’s first two seasons.

The realities of high school life are directly tackled in the first two seasons of Glee.  They make it entirely relatable for all of its audiences.  Those realities aren’t all that are tackled though.  Anyone who hasn’t been living underneath a rock knows of the increasingly tough financial situation facing so many schools across the country today.  That challenge, too is presented in the show’s second season.  In the show’s second season, New Directions has just lost at Regionals.  And because of budget cuts, the glee club has to prove that it’s worth keeping on at the school.  The music yet again takes center stage, as it serves to impressively illustrate the emotions felt by all involved.

The show’s music and its storylines and presentation of high school life make it a huge hit from the current season, all the way back to its groundbreaking first two seasons.  In picking up the show’s first two seasons, audiences will enjoy them not just for their storylines and music.  They’ll also enjoy the bounty of bonus features included in each set.  Viewers can tune into a jukebox that features songs from the show’s second season.  They can even see everything that went into making the Glee auditorium.  There’s even a hilarious feature with star Brittany S. Pierce that shows the person behind the show.  Fans will get to see the process of getting ready for the show, from her trailer to make-up and more.  Fans will be left laughing out loud with this bonus feature.  It’s just one of so many more from both of the show’s first two seasons that will make them worth the watch both on DVD and Blu-ray.  Both Season One and Two are available now in store and online.  They can be ordered online direct at Fox’s online store,

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