Dave Matthews Band’s Latest LP Another Solid Record

Courtesy:  RCA Records

Courtesy: RCA Records

The members of the Dave Matthews Band have made a career of making music that’s unlike anything else out there.  They have done just that over the course of seven albums and many years.  Now the band continues that tradition with the release of its latest release, Away From The World.  The band’s latest album is another interesting work that while it may not be the best of starting points for new audiences, will impress many of the band’s long-time fans.  The band covers quite the variety of topics on this album with an equally varied sound.  From standard songs based in relationships to more introspective matters, the band takes listeners on quite the journey with this record.  The same applies to the record’s musical side, as it shows some slight hints of the band’s older material here and there, too.

Away From The World is largely a much softer record than some of the more recent material released by the Dave Matthews Band.  A big part of that changed sound could be the return of the band’s long-time producer, Steve Lillywhite.  Lillywhite helped make some of the band’s most beloved albums through its career together.  His influence is obvious in the album’s opener, ‘Broken Things.’  This mid-tempo piece is well balanced throughout.  Not one part overpowers the other, musically speaking.  And Matthews himself compliments the power of the music as he sings, “War is the most vulgar madness/And winters can be so cruel/You can’t always change/The way things are/Like I can’t change the way/I think of you.”     Whether this is directly intended to send a semi-political message could be debated as the song’s other verses don’t seem to show this same vibe.  But it’s that discussion raised from the song that shows what makes it a good fit for the album’s opener.

Just as impressive as ‘Broken Things’ is a song that will surely move listeners.  That song is ‘Mercy.’  ‘Mercy’ is a somewhat subdued song.  But alongside the song’s lyrics, it stands out as one of the album’s real highlights.  The hope and optimism presented here will make it a fan favorite.  Matthews sings of people knowing how bad things are, but change won’t happen when you just sit back and wait for change to come.  He sings here, “Can’t lay down/Wait for a miracle to change things/Lift up your eyes/Lift up your hearts/singing/Mercy, will we overcome this?/One by one/Could we just/Turn it around?/Maybe carry on just a /Little bit longer/And I’ll try to give you/what you need.”  He goes on adding even more fire, singing, “Now we’ve gotta get it together/Til there is no reason/To fight.”  It comes together to make a song that in its own way, will become a fan favorite for its positive message and equally positive musical backing.

Fans will enjoy both ‘Broken Things’ and ‘Mercy.’  Both songs show to be fodder for mainstream radio with their mix of musical and lyrical solidity.  There is at least one more song that fans and station heads will appreciate in ‘Mercy’s’ follow-up, ‘Gaucho.’  ‘Gaucho’ is summed up by a single line.  That line comes from the song’s chorus.  Matthews and company are joined by a whole chorus of what sounds like children as they sing, “We gotta do much more than believe/If we wanna see the world change/We gotta do more than believe/If we really wanna change things.”  The addition of the children’s chorus adds so much impact to the song.  It helps to make the song’s message hit home full force.  It is of course just one more song that long-time fans will enjoy.  Away From The World offers more than just these three songs for listeners.  There are still seven more songs from which fans can choose as their own favorite.  And since the album is available in stores and online now, fans can pick it up now and find their own favorite songs from this album that is an overall success for the band.

The band just finished up a string of tour dates in support of its new album.  Fans who missed the band live could have more chances eventually.  To find out when the band will perform live next and to get the latest news and more from the band, audiences can go online to http://www.davematthewsband.com, http://www.facebook.com/davematthewsband, http://www.twitter.com/davematthewsband, http://www.dmblive, http://www.twitter.com/dmbcaravan and http://www.dmbcaravan.com

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