Terrible Feelings EP Will Give Any Punk Purist Good Feelings

Courtesy:  Freedom School Records

Courtesy: Freedom School Records

The new four-track EP from Sweden’s Terrible Feelings is a record that any fan of old school garage rock will enjoy.  The songs are short and simple.  And the songs have that classic gritty, unpolished sound that any college music aficionado would appreciate.  For a band that only got its start a few years ago, this band has stumbled on something that really works.  Front woman Manuela Iwansson’s vocals mix with the musical backing of friends Ian Moore, Andy Dahlstrom, and Anton Collinder to make a sound that is best compared to the likes of Redd Kross, White Lung and others. 

Blank Heads is highlighted by the disc’s penultimate track, ‘Trash & Burn.’  Iwansson’s vocals are at their strongest here.  Of course lyrically, this isn’t the happiest of songs by any means.  But that’s beside the point.  Drummer Andy Dahlstrom’s time keeping is absolutely precise throughout the song’s near three-minute run time.  Yes, the song doesn’t even reach three minutes.  It is punk both in style and time.  Guitarist Anton Collinder shows his ability to intertwine old school punk riffs with something more closely related to mainstream rock to make for a song that both underground punk fans and mainstream rock fans will enjoy.  It’s just one positive point to this new EP.

While some fans will enjoy the underground punk sound of ‘Trash & Burn’ others might enjoy the seemingly Rolling Stones influenced song, ‘The Moon.’  There’s a sense of the Stones’ ‘Painted Black’ in this song.  That alone is an interesting discussion point for this piece.  Just as interesting is Iwansson’s ability to switch back and forth between the gritty almost growling vocals of the EP’s other songs and a more melodic style.  It shows that she can shine in both avenues.  And as with the previous piece, this one is just as short.  It doesn’t even hit the three minute mark, either.  So along with Iwansson’s vocal abilities and the band’s continued exhibition of talent, audiences will appreciate its short run time.  Yet again, it’s that run time and general song style that will appeal to any fan of the underground punk scene.  The same applies to the EP’s remaining pair of songs.  They all come together to make for a record that any hardcore punk purist will appreciate.

Blank Heads is available now.  It can be ordered online direct from the band’s website, http://www.terriblefeelings.com along with the band’s other releases.  Fans can also go to the band’s website or its Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/terriblefeelings to keep up with all the latest news, tour dates and more from the band.

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