Aspiga’s New LP Quite The Ride

Courtesy:  Paper + Plastick Records/Exit 384 Media

Courtesy: Paper + Plastick Records/Exit 384 Media

Indie rock act Aspiga recently released its new EP, Every Last Piece.  This New Jersey based pop punk/emo act’s new release is the type of opus that fans of The Weakerthans, The Gaslight Anthem, Jawbreaker, and other acts along that line.  The EP’s seven total tracks clock in at roughly twenty-five minutes.  In that time, the band tackles rather intimate subjects.  From the angst-filled ‘Welcome to the Sympathy Party’ to the EP’s penultimate track, ‘On The Defensive’ to the album’s other songs, this collection of songs won’t exactly leave audiences feeling happy.  But they do collectively give insight into what front man Kevin Day was feeling in writing the songs for this new release.

 Listeners are given a pretty good idea of what exactly to expect from the album from the first full length song, ‘Welcome to the Sympathy Party.’  When Day launches into his screaming self-loathing of “I discovered that I hate myself”, there is even less doubt about the song’s topic.  The chaotic sound crafted for this song adds to the inner turmoil being felt here.  It does a relatively good job of illustrating those emotions.  The same can be said of ‘On The Defensive.’  This equally angst filled pop punk track takes listeners into the aftermath of a fight between a couple.  The fight in question is linked in to a relationship issue.  So needless to say that isn’t he happiest of songs, either.  It goes without saying that the EP’s other songs delve into some emotionally difficult topics, too.  That being the case, anyone who is looking to cure their own blues might find some enjoyment from the songs on this new release.

Aspiga doesn’t have any tour dates currently lined up.  But fans can find out when and where they can hear the band’s music live when they “Like” the band on Facebook at  Fans can also hear the band’s music online at

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