New Dinosaur Train DVD Offers Kids More Undersea Fun And Facts

Courtesy:  PBS/PBS Kids

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Kids

It’s time to get back on the Dinosaur Train again!  Tiny and the gang are back for more adventures in the latest release from Craig Bartlett’s hit PBS Kids show.  This time out, Tiny and the gang are headed back underwater for four more adventures in which they discover even more new species of dinosaurs.  They discover the hydro dynamically designed undersea dino, Otto Opthalmosaurus.  Because of his tear drop shaped body, Otto can swim really fast through the water.  He also has very good eyesight.  It helps him both in hunting and to get away from predators.  He’s just one of the prehistoric pals that the kids meet in this new collection.  In the set’s second episode, they meet another new friend named Shoshana Shonosaurus when they travel to the Triassic ocean.  Shoshana looks similar to Otto, except her body is more elongated instead of rounded.  And her long nose helps her when she tries to hunt smaller fish.  Even more interesting to learn is that Shoshana has to surface every now and then, much like today’s dolphins and whales.  She has to surface so that she can breathe.  Along the way, they learn how the undersea environment changes as they travel deeper.

Otto Opthalmosaurus and Shoshana Shonosaurus are just two of the new dinosaurs that the Pteranodon family gets to meet in the adventures included in this new DVD.  The kids also get to meet Maisie Mosasaurus and a group of baby sea turtles, too.  Kids will love the facts taught by all four episodes thanks to the easy to understand delivery of facts about each dinosaur.  Just as with previous Dinosaur Train DVD releases, those easy to understand facts and catchy tunes will have kids watching and singing along over and over again.  Adding to the enjoyment of this new release is an interactive DVD game that parents and kids can play together.  There are also downloadable coloring pages and other activities for kids and parents.  And what episode of Dinosaur Train would be complete without extra information from Dr. Scott the Paleontologist?  His segments are included, too as bonus features.

Dinosaur Train: Submarine Adventures offers so much enjoyment for both parents and kids in just four episodes.  It’s proof of the old adage that big things come in small packages.  From its easy to understand science lessons to its catchy songs to even the bright colors that will entertain and educate young viewers at the same time.  It’s one more fun DVD to add to any family’s Dinosaur Train library.  It will be available next Tuesday, February 19th and can be ordered online via the PBS online store at  And for more games and fun from Dinosaur Train, kids can log on to the Dinosaur Train website with their parents at  Kids can learn about even more dinosaurs, play more games and lots more here.

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