Buckcherry’s New LP One Of 2013’s Best Rock Records

Courtesy:  Century Media Records

Courtesy: Century Media Records

Buckcherry is back.  And it’s back with a vengeance.  This L.A.-based band’s sixth full length studio release is one of the best rock records of 2013.  It is everything that audiences have come to expect from the band right from the get-go.  The album’s opener and lead single, ‘Gluttony’ is a balls-to-the-wall, take no prisoners rock and roll anthem that grabs listeners and refuses to let go until the song’s last second.  Front man Josh Todd’s vocals are as strong as ever on this song as he delves into the first of the seven deadly sins on which the semi-conceptual album is based.  The thing is that it’s a rather rebellious song.  He sings defiantly to the critics who look down their noses at the song’s main character for his excesses, “You say I eat too much/You say I smoke too much/So what am I supposed to do?”  This is just one line but it serves as a prime example of Todd’s character musically flipping the bird to said critics.  This is definitely one of those songs to which so many audiences can relate.  So it makes for an excellent re-introduction to the band’s long-time fans and first impression for those who are new to the band’s music.

The band barely lets up once ‘Gluttony’ ends.  From there, it launches immediately into the equally hard rocking, ‘Wrath.’  With its driving bass line, scathing guitars and equally striking lyrics, ‘Wrath’ is bound to be another instant hit with fans.  Todd sings right from the start, “Hey man/Do you wanna get a fist so hard/Do you wanna see who’s in charge/I’m gonna show you your future/Hey man/You think you’re strong enough/To play this game/It’s gonna burn/Like acid rain/You’re gonna need some sutures.”  Much like ‘Gluttony’ this song is also bound to be a fan favorite both on the album and at the band’s live shows.

The softest that Buckcherry gets on this album comes in its closer, ‘Dreamin’ of You.’  The full-on acoustic song is quite the contradiction to the nonstop energy exuded by the album’s other material.  On a deeper level though, it’s a fitting closer.  After so much ferocity aimed at the world (including past loves), here is a character who is seems to be pleading to one of those lost loves.  He is singing, “Dreamin’ of your face/You’re all mine/Transcending through this/Space and time/I have so much faith/It’s our time/There’s so much out there/To embrace/You can never turn away/When you fly so high/But you might as well stay/There’s no limit to the sky/But you’re always tellin’ me/You’re not afraid of change/It’s our time to shine/Dreamin’ of you/Dreamin’ of you/Dreamin’ of you/Dreamin’ of  you.”  This ballad style-song gently lowers listeners onto another musical shore by its end after the rollercoaster ride on which they were taken through the course of the album’s other tracks.  By the time the song’s final notes fade away, audiences know that they have just experienced something special; not just with this single song, but from the album as a whole.  Fans can hear songs from Confessions both in standard edition and deluxe edition with bonus DVD next Tuesday, February 19th.  And audiences will get to hear some of the songs from the new album this weekend as the band performs tonight in Nashville, TN and then at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, SC tomorrow night.

Fans can order the band’s new CD and get tickets to the band’s shows online through its website, http://www.buckcherry.com.  Fans can also keep up with all the latest updates and more from the band online at the band’s Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/buckcherry.

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