The Thief of Bagdad Re-Issue A Must For Any Classic Film Fan

Courtesy: Cohen Media Group

Courtesy: Cohen Media Group

The Raoul Walsh helmed 1924 silent film that is The Thief of Bagdad is a classic in every sense of the word.  Almost ninety years ater it originally debuted, this timeless classic still proves to be everything that is right with movie making.  Just as the modern classic, The Artist recently brought the glory of silent films back to the forefront, now Cohen Media Group has brought back to the forefront one of the original movies that really was and is a frontrunner of the action movie genre.  It is all summed up in a single line taken directly from the movie:  Happiness is earned.

Happiness is earned.  Those who had a hand in bringing this timeless classic to life and their famlies have more than earned that happiness thanks to this movie.  In comparison to so many of today’s big budget Summer blockbusters, this is one of the purest and most enjoyable action movies out there.  It has action for the guys and it has romance for its female audiences.  The central point of the story is of the thief in question who starts out as a rogue type of character.  That is until he meets the Princess (played by Julanne Johnston).  It’s love at first sight for the young thief.  And he vows to go to any lengths to be with her.  Along the way he has to face dangerous creatures, flames and even an evil Mongol leader who wants to take over the Princess’ kingdom.  And being a silent film, it can only rely on the special effects that it had at the time, thus making for much more emphasis on the script and acting.  Because of that reltiance on writing and acting, both turn out to be so impressive that they effortlessly lead audiences to suspend their disbelief and allow themselves to be pulled into the movie’s fantastical world.

Now that The Thief of Bagdad has been re-issued on Blu-ray, a whole new generation of audiences can be taken back to a time when movies were at their youngest and best.  This generation will get to experience the outstanding script writing and acting for he first time.  And thanks to the painstaking work that went into restoring the original film used to record the movie, it looks and sounds just as incredible as ever.  The same grainy quality of the original film is still there.  But it’s been touched up just enough to preserve the original without making it look spit-shined.  And the soundtrack centered on the musical works of Rimsky-Korsikov is just as impressive as the quality of the film itself.  The music and the film quality comes together so well that if Raoul Walsh were still with us today, he would most certainly be happy and impressed to see what has been done with this masterwork of movie making.  It is available now in stores and online and can be ordred online through at  To keep up with all the latest news from the Cohen Media Group, just go online to the Cohen Media Group’s official website, or its Facebook page,

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