Recess Music’s Latest LP Lots Of Fun For Parents, Kids

Courtesy:  Big Round Records

Courtesy: Big Round Records

The latest release from Recess Music’s “Best Foot Forward Series” is a wonderful tool for pre-school teachers and even for Kindergarten teachers.  The album, simply titled, Share teaches young listeners about the different ways to share and help others through a variety of musical genres and song topics.  The record boasts hints of Dixieland, samba, blues, and even some poppier sounds throughout its collection of songs.  The whole thing opens with something akin to a James Taylor song in ‘Something to Share.’  Though the horns might conjure up thoughts of The Beatles, believe it nor not, in some parents’ minds.  And the subtle addition of a harp in the background is one more nice touch to the song’s musical backing.  The song’s lyrical side makes this song an even more fitting opening, considering the album’s title.  The vocalist in question here sings, “Giving something to share/We can help a child/Have a better life/Somewhere.”  He sings about giving hope to a child, doing something simple to make even one child’s life better.  Added to the song’s musical side, it will move any parent or adult in general.

That gentle opener is followed up with an equally moving piece in ‘Green beans Everywhere.’  Sure, it sounds like a silly title.  But the reality is that this song is anything but silly.  It just takes a silly concept to illustrate a child’s desire to want to feed everyone and end world hunger.  It’s actually quite a deep song as simple as it is.  Again, any parent will appreciate this.  From here, the album moves into something more up-tempo in the samba based ‘Mi Casa, Su casa.’  This song’s dance musical side will instantly get young listeners moving.  At the same time, it teaches another lesson of sharing.  This time, it’s the lesson of having an open door to friends.  Jack Pearson sings this song.  He sings, “Mi casa, Su Casa Mi amigo/My door is always open/To welcome you.”  He sings about sharing food and letting friends sleep at his place when it’s needed.  This is another wonderfully positive song in that it teaches young listeners to always be willing to help friends who might be in need for one reason or another.  It’s that kindness that the world needs.  And it’s that kindness that can breed more kindness to others down the road (I.E. paying it forward).  The world could use a little more of that kind of positive mentality, especially in this day and age.  So kudos to those involved with the Recess Music project for including this fun and inspiring song to this record.

The album’s very next song, ‘What you Give is What You Get’ echoes much the same sentiment as the prior track.  Except it explains it in a broader sense.  The vocalist in this song sings to audiences, “Don’t forget/Your life is what you make it/There’ll be no regret/When you get your chance just take it/But you can bet/What you give is what you get.”  It’s much the same sentiment as that of the previous song.  What separates this song from the previous one is the general song style.  What listeners get here is a Dixieland style piece instead of a samba.  Again, this is a fun piece for both parents and kids.  For that matter, it’s a song from which even parents can take something away since so many adults seem to have forgotten this life lesson.  It’s just one more enjoyable song that makes up the whole of this record.  Young listeners also learn from this record about sharing friendship, taking turns and sharing resources, helping one another and simply sharing in many other forms and fashions.  There is no one bad song on this compilation.  Every song included in this set entertains and teaches young listeners.  The mix of fun songs and lyrical lessons makes this an essential record for any classroom of young people or even any parents of young children.  It is available now and can be ordered online at the Recess Music website,  Parents can also keep up with the latest from Recess Music on the Recess Music Facebook page,    

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