Royal Visit Raises Speculation Over Royal Baby

Courtesy:  Us Weekly Magazine

Courtesy: Us Weekly Magazine

Is it a girl?  Is it a boy?  After an official appearance yesterday by the Duchess of Cambridge, speculation is running rampant over the sex of the next generation in the royal family.  Middleton made a public visit to the National Fishing Heritage Centre yesterday.  During her visit, Middleton had a little slip-up as she accepted a gift of a white teddy bear from one of the locals.  Local Diane Burton offered the teddy bear to Middleton who then replied, “Thank you, I’ll take that for my d–,” cutting herself off rather abruptly.

The speculation was only raised when another local proceeded to ask if Middleton was about to say “daughter” to which Kate responded coyly, “We’re not telling.”  Fellow local, 67-year old Sandra Cook was on hand for the exchange.  She spoke to reporters after Middleton’s appearance, telling them she also had a short exchange with her majesty.  She told reporters, “I said to her, ‘You were going to say daughter weren’t you?’ and she said, ‘No, we don’t know.”  Cook told reporters she then replied to the Duchess saying, “Oh, I think you do.’  According to Cook, Middleton stood her ground, replying simply, “We’re not telling” as she held the teddy bear.

Middleton’s responses aside, it’s already known that Will and Kate do in fact know the sex of their child.  A source confirmed to Us Weekly magazine that the pair had privately been told the sex of the baby, “but they’ve only told their parents.” 

If the pair’s child is indeed a daughter, it would be quite big news as Will and Kate celebrate their second wedding anniversary next month.  It would be even bigger news for the entire United Kingdom as Will’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II recently decreed that she their firstborn be a girl, she will be called “Princess” and will be referred to as Her Royal Highness.  And thanks to the Succession The Crown Bill, regardless of gender, Will and Kate’s firstborn will be the heir to the throne, overturning centuries of royal gender discrimination.      

Another onlooker had the chance to speak with Kate and asked if the royal family’s newest member is staying active before its big arrival, too.  Bobbie Brown was on hand for Kate’s visit.  “I asked [Middleton] if [the baby] has been moving or kicking”, she recalled to reporters.  “She said: Yes, it is.  Very much so.”

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