Hayward “Spirits” Listeners Away On New LP

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Justin Hayward’s new solo release, Spirits of the Western Sky is a good record for any true classic rock fan.  The Moody Blues vocalist/guitarist’s new album takes listeners on a musical time travelling trip right from its opener, ‘In Your Blue Eyes.’  It’s an easy-going opus that both musically and lyrically makes for a solid opener.  Hayward obviously sings of his love and devotion to a woman in this song.  “Then I see your face appearing/And your blue eyes/I touch your skin/So soft, so tender/Touch your mouth as you let go/And then I watch/As you surrender…the stars exploding in the sky,” he sings.  He’s singing of a very intimate and tender moment.  And the music does quite the job of mirroring that positive feeling expressed through the song’s lyrics.  It’s just the start for Hayward, too.

The songs on this album follow much the same lyrical pattern as its opener, going back and forth between themes of love gained, lost, and hoped for throughout its track listing.  Though there is at least a pair of songs that strays from those themes.  Keeping this in mind, one would do well to examine the album from more of a musical angle.  The music does a good job expressing the different emotions of each song included here.  It does more than that though.  It really has its own identity from one song to the next over the course of the album’s track list.  Some songs include subtle string accompaniments.  Another includes a touch of electronics.  And then there is the album’s closer, a remix of ‘Out There Somewhere.’  Considering where the album started and where it has turned by this point that evolution of sorts in the album’s musical style makes for even more discussion about the album.  Whether or not one likes the drastically opposite sound, the very fact that it generates discussion makes the song and the album that much more worth the listen and that much more interesting. 

Spirits of the Western Sky is available now in stores and online.  Those who want to see Hayward perform live, he has a pair of dates confirmed for this Summer.  He will be performing Saturday, August 3rd in Baltimore, Maryland and Wednesday, August 14th in Alexandria, Virginia.  To keep up with the latest tour information and all the latest news from Justin Hayward, go to his official Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/justinhaywardmusic or his official website, http://www.justinhayward.com

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