Beatallica’s Abbey Load 2013’s Most Intriguing Record

Courtesy:  Oglio Entertainment Group

Courtesy: Oglio Entertainment Group

Beatles cover band Beatallica officially has crafted in Abbey Load what is the most intriguing record of 2013.  The band’s latest collection of Beatles cover songs is one of those albums for which there is no grey area.  It is an album that listeners will either love or hate.  The question is who will love it and who will hate it.  That’s left up to the listener.  The album—which largely covers The Beatles’ Abbey Road–opens with a cover of ‘Come Together.’  It’s amped up, needless to say.  But there’s a certain something about it which makes it a rather interesting take on the classic.  Perhaps what makes this cover so interesting is that while it is a cover, it does stay at least somewhat true to the original, if only slightly.  One can only wonder considering this, what Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr would think if they were to hear this cover, or if they have heard it. 

Another high point of this rather peculiar album comes in the band’s cover of ‘Please Please Me.’ While this song isn’t on Abbey Road, the band’s cover is pretty interesting.  For the most part, it covers the song pretty closely.  Fans of Metallica’s album, Load will recognize elements of the band’s song, ‘King Nothing’ mixed in.  The mixture of the amped up Metallica cover with the more poppy Beatles cover makes this one of those songs that simply has to be heard in order to be believed.  Regardless of which band one supports, it actually is a pretty interesting mix of sounds and makes for a song that the more open minded audiences on both side might surprisingly find equally interesting and worth checking out.

For all the raucous, up-tempo covers of the Beatles’ classics offered on this record, it does actually have quite an interesting softer moment.  That moment comes in the form of guitarist Jaymz Lennfield’s cover of ‘Blackbird.’  Even though it is one of the record’s few softer moments, it has still been given its own identity.  Unlike The Beatles’ original, Lennfield has taken the song and tuned it down and put it in a minor chord.  The vocals from the original song are also noticeably absent on this cover. Considering the original song’s history, the cover may even lead to discussions of a comparison to A Perfect Circle’s cover of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine.’  APC did something much the same with that song with much the same result.  It definitely is one more piece that audiences of both The Beatles and Metallica will want to check out on this album.  Of course, there are plenty more songs for fans of both bands to listen to and discuss.  But that will be left up to them to decide how they feel about this collection of double covers that will be released April 16th.  It will be released via the Oglio Entertainment Group.  The band currently has no tour dates listed.  But fans can keep up with all the latest tour announcements and news on the band official website,, via Facebook at,, through MySpace at and on Twitter at

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