Wild Kratts’ New DVD Even More “Wild” Fun For Families

Courtesy:  PBS

Courtesy: PBS

Martin and Chris Kratt are back again with another new DVD that’s loaded with fun for the whole family.  This latest DVD features two more episodes for parents and kids to enjoy.  It also boasts a pair of activities that parents can do with their kids or that teachers can use in the classroom.  One of those activities offers kids the chance to make their very own passport.  The other, a bat box project, is more closely relevant to this latest DVD.  It teaches kids and adults like how to build an actual bat box and where to best place them in order to offer bats a place to live.  Also included is a link to a website that teaches about a fungus that is killing off the bat population.  Together with the two episodes included in this latest disc, it makes for more fun for the whole family.

The first of the two episodes included in this disc is titled “Rainforest Stew.”  Sounds like an odd name, yes.  But it’s this episode that is most closely linked to the bonus family friendly bat box building activity.  “Rainforest Stew” teaches in large part, the importance of how every member of a given ecosystem works together, and the impact that the loss of even one member of said ecosystem can have.  The lesson is taught when the Kratt brothers have to go up against Gourmand once again.  This time they have to stop him from trying to make a “rainforest stew” from animals in the rainforest.  Of course, the brothers Kratt come out on top.  The episode as a whole continues that tradition of offering plenty of entertainment and information for audiences.  And there is also the continued original animation style that sets the show completely apart from other animated and CG-based shows out there.

Gourmand isn’t the only villain that Martin, Chris, and their friends have to face off against in the Kratt brothers’ new DVD.  They also have to face off against Zach Varmitech again. This time, Zach is after a rare Black Jaguar in South America.  Chris and Martin have to intervene and protect the young jaguar from Zach as he intends to use it for his own evil reasons.  Just as with “Rainforest Stew”, “Shadow: The Black Jaguar” offers audiences even more entertainment and information expertly balanced.  The show’s writers are yet again to be commended as young viewers especially won’t even know that they are learning about biology through this episode.  They learn about the difference between dominant and recessive traits in this episode.  That this lesson is made so viewer friendly is more tribute to the work put in by the show’s writers to keep kids entertained while also teaching lessons that could be referenced in the classroom.

The writers behind this wonderfully entertaining show did an outstanding job of mixing entertainment and information in both of the disc’s featured episodes.  And the artists behind the show continue to play their own part in making Wild Kratts stand apart from all the other kids’ shows out there today, both on PBS Kids and on mainstream television.  This all comes together to make this latest DVD just as enjoyable as previous Wild Kratts DVDs.  The bonus activities included on the disc make this new disc even more enjoyable.  Parents, kids, students, and teachers alike will especially appreciate the “Bat Box” activity.  It teaches how to build a “bat box” that bats can use for a home away from home of sorts.  And thanks to the link included in the activity, everybody can learn more about a fungus called “White Nose Syndrome” that is killing bats.  There is also a listing of books and other websites that parents and teachers can use to help learn even more about bats and their impact on different ecosystems.  The information on the page raised via the link explains in depth what “White Nose Syndrome” is.  It’s definitely interesting, and will interest viewers, too.  As in depth as it is, it’s still easy enough for the average viewer to comprehend, and then understand the importance of trying to help the bat population in one’s own region.

As one should be able to note from all of this, while this new DVD may boast only two more episodes, those two episodes  alone have more than enough entertainment and educational content to please both adults and children alike.  The same can be said of the bonus activities that can be accessed simply by putting the disc in one’s computer and opening by going to “My Computer.”  By the time kids and their parents—or teachers—have taken in everything that this disc has to offer, they’ll agree that it’s proof that one should never judge a book—or a DVD—by its cover.  It is available in stores and online now, and can be ordered online direct via the PBS online store at http://www.shoppbs.org.

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