Andy Grammer Launches New Campaign To Save The Lives Of Women

Courtesy:  MSO PR

Courtesy: MSO PR

Pop star Andy Grammer has launched a campaign to raise awareness to women around the world who are victims of gender-based violence.  The KathyGramm campaign raises money in partnership with the Tahirih Justice Center to benefit women affected by gender-based violence.  The Tahirih Just Center provides legal assistance, medical care, and social support for women that are victims of gender-based crimes. This includes female immigrants.  The cost of providing these services for just one woman is five thousand dollars.  Before her passing, Grammer’s mother provided support for women in her community who were victimized by gender-based crimes.  He explained in an interview what his mom did for those women, and the impact that she had on them. “My mom, Kathy Grammer, was a very bright light,” he recalled fondly of her.  “While she was alive her main passion was helping women.  I can remember coming home to a group of women gathered around my mom. Her effect on them was similar to watching someone blow wind into a small flame until it became a fire. Women she touched would leave my house standing taller, inspired and committed to believing in themselves and the equality of men and women.”

Andy has actively supported the Tahirih Justice Center for a number of years.  He most recently served as honorary Co-Chair for the organization’s recent Washington, D.C. gala.  Working for women’s rights and protecting female immigrants has been a cause close to Andy for many years.  It was just as close to his mother during her life. 

For more information on the Tahirih Justice Center go online to  Anyone wishing to contribute can donate $10 by texting “justice kg” to 52000.  Those wanting to donate more can do so by going online to  Since going live two weeks ago, Grammer’s fans have already raised over $12,000, saving the lives of two women and are well on their way to saving a third.  Fans can get a full explanation of the motivation behind this movement online at

For more information on Andy Grammer, go online to,,, and

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