Styx Live Doube-Disc An Impressive Companion To 2012 DVD/Blu-ray Release

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Records

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Records

Eagle Rock Entertainment keeps bringing the hits for fans of classic rock.  Last year, Eagle Rock put out quite the live release in the form of Styx: Grand Illusion & Pieces of Eight Live on DVD and Blu-ray.  The performance marked the first time that the veteran rock band had ever performed both of its iconic albums live back to back in one show.  Now the audio companion to that live video recording has finally been released thanks to Eagle Rock.  The audio companion comes in a double-disc gatefold package that follows the DVD and Blu-ray verbatim.  So what audiences get from the live video recording whether on DVD or Blu-ray is what they also get on the double-disc audio recording.  This is quite impressive both in terms of the set-list and in terms of the recording’s audio quality.  Though, it definitely will lead audiences that have not yet purchased the DVD or Blu-ray to want to surely pick up that recording.  Those that already have the video portion of the performance will want to pick this up just as much, thus completing the full live experience from one of the most important performances of the career of the members of Styx.

The very first thing that audiences will appreciate about the new audio companion to Styx’s recent live DVD and Blu-ray release is its packaging.  The audio portion of the show is packaged in a gatefold package with one disc on either side.  In opening the package, audiences will note that making the packaging even better is that the performance of each classic album is contained within its own disc.  Not only is the title of each album provided, but a track-by-track listing is provided on each album’s performance.  Vinyl has made quite the resurgence in recent years in its popularity.  To have each live album presented in this format makes for even more of a sense of nostalgia for fans as they listen to the band make the announcement about each side of each album ending and the other side beginning.  It makes one feel as if one is holding the vinyl in one’s own hands, only on a smaller scale.  For that, those involved with the recording’s packaging are to be commended.  As minor a factor as it may seem to some, it’s always the little things that can make so much difference.

Having taken in the release’s gatefold packaging, the next step is to take in the live audio experience.  And those that already own the DVD and/or Blu-ray portion of this recording will enjoy this portion of the show just as much as those that don’t already have it.  Whether one already owns the DVD and/or Blu-ray half of the show, they will feel like they are right there at the show.  The audio mix remains just as impressive on this half of the recording as it is on the video portion.  Hearing classic hits the likes of: ‘Come Sail Away’, ‘The Grand Illusion’, ‘The Message’ and the rest of these iconic works will take the band’s long-time fans back to another time; a time when perhaps they first saw this veteran act for the very first time.  This is the magical thing about a recording such as this.  It’s what makes live recordings just as great as being there.  That feeling of nostalgia is made even greater with such recordings.  At a time when the cost of going to see a live show has drastically increased (counting not just ticket costs, but lodging, food, souvenirs, etc.) recordings such as this one will give listeners a live show that they can buy for about twenty-dollars and enjoy any time any place that they want.  It’s available now in stores and online and can be purchased online via the Eagle Rock website at

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