Deer Documentary An Interesting Release From PBS

Courtesy:  PBS

Courtesy: PBS

The deer is one of the most beautiful and graceful of nature’s creatures.  While urban sprawl has drastically increased throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, the population of deer has actually increased as well.  And as the deer population in North America, so have the opportunities to document the lives of these beautiful creatures.  Suburban residents, semi-professional naturalists and even professionals alike have had plenty of opportunity to document the behavior patterns of deer as humans and deer increasingly cross paths.  Thus audiences get another enjoyable episode of PBS’ series of animal adventures, Nature, titled, The Private Life of Deer.

The Private Life of Deer is quite the interesting look at an animal that is so visible each year across every part of the country.  As it shows and notes on the back of the DVD case, deer are quite visible across the country.  But as it reveals, these seemingly simple animals are far more complex than anyone might have ever thought.  It points out that they are quite the social animals.  One of the most interesting facts of which viewers will take note comes early on in the program.  Narrator Howard McGillin notes indirectly that urban sprawl has actually created ideal situations for deer.  This is, as is noted, because it provides plenty of food for deer as they will eat pretty much any plant life, including that which grows in backyard gardens.  It’s gotten so out of hand that suburban residents have had to resort to putting up fences high enough that deer can’t jump over them.  Apparently that doesn’t seem to work, as footage included in the program shows.  There are other interesting facts included in this episode of Nature that audiences will enjoy discovering such as the social interaction of deer.  Viewers will find interesting that it’s not only bucks that literally butt heads with one another.  The doe go head to head, too.  Just as interesting is the early note of communication between deer.  In particular is the communication of warning between deer by the simple twitching of the deer’s tail.  Who would ever have imagined something so simple could mean so much?  It is one more of so many amazing facts that viewers will learn in watching this documentary.

The facts taught about deer through this episode of Nature are interesting in that they prove that most people do not know as much as they might perhaps believe about them.  It’s another plus for PBS’ hit series.  Just as impressive as the facts revealed through the program are the general structure and cinematography of the episode.  The structure was such that it was simple for any viewer to follow.  What’s more, it easily keeps viewers engaged as it transitions from one topic to another and maintains its simplicity through each segment of the episode.  The cinematography was just as impressive as the segments themselves.  Watching the deer make jumps over the tallest of fences as first hand witnesses describe their disbelief will in itself leave viewers in disbelief.  That’s because the deer don’t look like they should be able to jump that high.  It’s already known that deer are good jumpers.  But the ability to jump over a six-foot high fence is incredible.  Equally incredible is the footage of the elusive “ghost deer.”  This deer is so called as it is an albino deer.  As is the case with any albino animal, the “ghost deer” is extremely rare.  So having the opportunity to see it even on film is still an extraordinary experience, especially so close-up.  There are so many other wonderful cinematic moments that work with the presentation’s overall structure.  Viewers will find their own favorite moments throughout the near hour long episode when they order the brand new DVD, which is available now in the PBS online store at

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