Syria Behind The Lines A Powerful, In-Depth Investigation Of The Syrian Civil War

Courtesy:  PBS

Courtesy: PBS

Tensions in the Middle Eastern nation of Syria seem to be at an all-time high. Allegations recently came to light that President Bashar Al Assad’s regime used chemical weapons on its own people.  This is just the latest black eye for the war ravaged nation.  As the unrest in the country continues, PBS examines what is at the heart of this bloody feud and the effect of the conflict on both sides in the latest episode of Frontline, Syria Behind The Lines.

Frontline: Syria Behind The Lines is a deep and powerful look at a conflict that has raged for years in this Middle Eastern nation.  It shows the devastation brought on by both the Syrian rebels and those fighting for the Al Assad regime in the war.  Just as interesting to note as the human cost of the war, is the view that people on both sides of the war have towards involvement in the war by Westerners.  One side notes that it wants the country to be the way it used to be although it fights on the side of Assad’s regime.  On the other side, viewers are presented with those fighting for freedom and democracy in Syria.  The juxtaposition of the peaceful Syrian countryside to the devastated city streets and walls is just as powerful a statement made by film maker Olly Lambert.  Both sides obviously want peace.  Yet neither side wants to work toward peace.  This can only mean that the only way the city will be as peaceful as the countryside is for no one to remain in Syria’s Orontes River Valley.

The revelation of the seeming price of peace in Syria is painful.  And the sentiment regarding intervention by Western nations is sure to generate just much discussion among viewers as the topic of the war itself and whether the United States should be involved in this conflict.  The recent allegations that the Al Assad regime used chemical weapons on the rebels will only heighten that discussion along with the consideration of political tensions on Capitol Hill.  Seeing the violence firsthand that has ravaged Syria brings home just how much pain and loss has been created as a result of the ongoing war.  It is made obvious that the war is rooted deeply in religious and political beliefs much like so many conflicts throughout human history.  This adds one more angle for discussion among both casual viewers and experts and talking heads.  Keeping all of this in mind, viewers can’t help but agree that those behind Frontline have succeeded once again in maintaining the program’s positive reputation with this feature.  Frontline: Syria Behind The Lines will be available next Tuesday, June 25th.  It can be ordered online direct from the PBS online store at

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