Car’s Life 3 A Kid Friendly Feature Worth At Least One Watch

Courtesy:  Entertainment One

Courtesy: Entertainment One

The latest release in the Car’s Life franchise will entertain its intended audiences well enough.  Sparky and his friends welcome Queen Limousine in this new adventure from Engine 15 Media Group.  The story offers an adventure that while slightly predictable for parents, will keep its younger audiences engaged and guessing at who stole the Queen’s crown jewels right to the end.  The story by itself will entertain the feature’s intended younger viewers.  The bright colors used throughout the story help things out, too.  And the lightly incorporated lessons about responsibility and not being prejudicial help seal the deal for a kid friendly feature that is worth at least one watch.

The primary storyline behind Cars Life 3 is simple enough.  Audiences see in this story, a kid friendly crime caper caused by a charity race established ironically enough by a jeep that had been recently released from the impound lot (A.K.A. car jail).  Because she was the one that set up the charity race, she serves as a good red herring figure.  Of course there is one other character that is just as well used in this role, too.  By the movie’s end, all of the cars in El Coche end up on the stand as a result of being accused of having stolen the queen’s jewels.  The constant accusations actually make for a slight amount of comedy for younger viewers.  Younger viewers will likely also appreciate the bright colors used throughout the nearly ninety-minute story.

The use of specific colors in one movie or another is not commonly taken into account by viewers and critics into its overall impact.  But it is just as important as any other factor in any movie for viewers of any age.  The colors used in Car’s Life 3 are a good addition to the feature.  They are bright and easily evoke positive thoughts and emotions.  Whether it’s the background or the cars themselves, everything is bright.  This includes the sky.  The sky is always clear and blue throughout every daytime scene.  Again, this is very subtle.  But it helps to subconsciously maintain the story’s positive vibes.  Those positive vibes are more important than any other of the story’s factors.  Without those positive vibes, the story wouldn’t be nearly as bearable.  So it’s for that reason that those involved with this feature are to be commended if for no other reason.

The bright colors and story used for Cars Life 3 each play their own vital role in making this CG based feature even slightly watchable.  There is one more element in this feature that makes it worth at least one watch.  That element is the variety of lessons taught within the primary story.  This installment in the Car’s Life franchise teaches the lessons of responsibility and of not being prejudicial.  The lesson centered on responsibility also teaches an equally valuable lesson for adults about marriage.  It teaches that married couples have to be willing to be tolerant of each other’s little quirks if their marriages are to succeed.  It teaches that the key to that is through communication; not arguing, but talking things through.  The secondary lesson about prejudice is linked to a comment made by Queen Limousine about her view of El Coche.  She confesses late in the story about why she had said what she said and apologized for her comment.  This reminds audiences young and old that one can’t take back thins that one has said.  But it’s never too late to make amends and apologize before anyone’s feelings are hurt or hurt too badly.  It is this and the other lessons taught in Car’s Life 3 that saves it more than anything else.  That is not to say that the bright colors that maintain a positive vibe don’t help.  But they definitely validate it.  And because of that validation, it validates everything else that went into its creation and thus makes it worth at least one watch.  It is available now in stores and online.

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