Darian Renee’s New LP Could Be Just The Beginning

Courtesy:  Persistant Heart Media

Courtesy: Persistant Heart Media

Pop singer Darian Renee’s new EP, Only The Beginning is a rather aptly titled release.  The four-track release isn’t her first release.  And if enough young listeners hear her music, it likely will in fact be just the beginning for this young Boise, Idaho native.  Her vocals and her writing are an interesting mix of Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys.  This is exhibited right from the opening number, ‘It’s Not Me (It’s You).’  This song of a broken relationship will resonate with any teen and twenty-something female listener with its soft acoustic guitar and stronger lyrics.  The contradiction of the acoustic guitar to the more self-assured chorus of “It’s not my fault/If you’re wondering why/It’s just my heart/breaking in two/It’s not me/It’s you”

Whereas Renee comes across as relatively self-assured on the EP’s opener, the disc’s second song, ‘Darling’ seems to come from a more intimate and vulnerable place.  The gentle chromatic strains of the piano set against her equally soft vocals will deeply impact her intended listeners.  She sings, “Darling go back to bed/I’ll forget everything you said/it could be easy if you let it/Darling go back to bed/Darling go back to bed/I’ll forget everything you said/If you would get out of my head.”  This is a sentiment more than likely plenty of young women have felt at one point or another.  This ability of listeners to relate to this song is certain to make it one that will most certainly be a favorite among her intended audiences.

The EP’s remaining pair of songs, with its continued gentle acoustic sound, will entertain her listeners just as much.  It would be no surprise that with the proper support from radio programmers, she could very well be another of the next big things.  Should this come to pass, hopefully she will have something more upbeat so that she can prove this EP is in fact “only the beginning.”  Listeners can download the EP now via Bandcamp at http://darianrenee.bandcamp.com/.  Fans of Darian Renee’s music can get all the latest news on her official Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/darianreneemusic

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