Eagle Rock Sets The Bar Again With New Doobie Brothers Live BD, DVD

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision

The Doobie Brothers have been making music together for almost forty-five years.  The band has seen a number of lineup changes throughout those decades.  Through it all, the band has managed to remain one of the most beloved bands among its fans and fellow musicians.  And the band’s new live release, The Doobie Brothers: Live at Wolf Trap is an example as to exactly why the band is still so popular to this day in music circles the world over.

The Doobie Brothers: Live at Wolf Trap was originally recorded nearly nine years ago.  It was originally recorded July 25th, 2004 at Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts in Virginia.  The band’s performance may be almost nine years old.  But it shows that despite being much older than when the band started out over four decades ago, not one member of the band had lost that flame.  Sadly though, the band has since lost two members. Drummers Mike Hossack and Keith Knudsen both passed away since this concert was recorded.  Keeping that in mind, this recording is a tribute both one of rock’s best bands, but to two of its members, too.  Along with being a tribute to the band and its members, this new live release is also a tribute to Eagle Rock Entertainment.  It shows that Eagle Rock continues to be the leader in live home recordings.  This is proven through the combination of the show’s production values, its set list, and bonus features.  These factors combined make this show one more of the year’s best live recordings.  It’s just as much proof that audiences can enjoy a good show without breaking the bank.

The first factor to take into account in the success of The Doobie Brothers: Live at Wolf Trap is its production values.  The production values of this performance are outstanding.  The picture is crystal clear.  Watching it on a Blu-ray player with full 1080 HDTV, viewers will feel like they are actually there with the audience that was there at the event.  It’s so clear that it’s almost like looking through a window from a luxury box at the venue.  Some of the best shots obtained throughout the roughly two-hour plus performance are crowd shots.  Viewers get to see for themselves just how much the audience in attendance enjoyed the band’s performance.  And it was evident just how much the band fed off of that energy.  This is especially the case in the show’s closer, the song that really made the band famous, ‘Listen to the Music.’  Every person in attendance was clapping his or her hands in time to the song.  The shot from the stage does a wonderful job of capturing this moment.  It is without a doubt, one of the most amazing moments of the entire concert, fittingly enough.  The audience’s reaction to the song and the song itself make this the perfect closer to yet another impressive live recording from both The Doobie Brothers and from Eagle Rock Entertainment.

The video work done on The Doobie Brothers: Live at Wolftrap is praise worthy to say the least, as is already evident.  The concert’s sound is just as impressive as its video.  Audiences need make almost no adjustments to their televisions or even their home theater systems for optimum effect.  That is how expertly the sound was mixed.  Some adjustments will be needed from one viewer to another for personal preference.  But the sound was so expertly mixed that audiences will find that any adjustments made will be minor at best.

The production values of The Doobie Brothers: Live at Wolf Trap are an important part of the recording.  Without proper audio and video mixing, there is no reason to even begin taking in a concert.  Thankfully that isn’t a concern here.  So having examined that, the next logical step in this concert’s examination would be its set list.  The band gets the energy flowing right from its opening number, ‘Rockin’ Down The Highway.’  This high-energy hit is just one of so many classic hits mixed in with just as many more recent hits.  The energy flows nonstop until the band reaches the more subdued ‘South City Midnight Lady.’  Once the band eases its way through this piece and the bluesier ‘Snake Man’, things pick right back up in ‘Nobody.’  ‘Nobody’ is just one of a number of highlights throughout the band’s performance presented here.  It’s a nice mid-tempo southern rock piece that audiences at home will enjoy just as much as those that were in attendance at the show’s taping.  The show’s two-hour long set-list is a joy for any rock and roll purist.  There’s an added bonus within the confines of the show, making it even better in a few bonus interviews that shed light on certain songs.  Viewers need to just hit the “menu” button on their remote to access the bonus interviews.  While the bonus interviews aren’t included in every song, it’s nice to have them included where they are.  They add extra insight into the songs in question, making them even more enjoyable.

The bonus interactive interviews interspersed throughout the performance are nice additions to the overall experience.  But there are more bonus features that fans will enjoy in this disc.  The bonus features offer a history lesson on the band explaining how the Doobie Brothers and the band’s name came to be.  There are also features on the performance from the vantage point of the band versus that of the audience.  The band members explain what it feels like to be up on stage, performing together, and fans cheering.  And in what is perhaps the funniest of the bonus features, audiences get a glimpse of the one band member’s reaction to a fan that had probably had a little too much to drink.  Audiences will see her during the concert.  But in all honesty, they won’t give her much mind as she looks like a crew member helping to maintain the stage equipment.  It turns out she was anything but.  This little vignette will leave any viewer laughing till they cry.  It’s that funny because everyone knows someone who has been exactly like the woman in question, whether at a concert, at a club or anywhere else.  It definitely is one of the highlights of the bonus features.  And along with everything else that went into bringing this performance to the masses, it makes this new live recording that much more worth checking out.  It is available now in stores and online and can be ordered direct via the Eagle Rock Entertainment website at http://www.eagle-rock.com.

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