Bombadil’s New LP An Indie Record Done Right

Courtesy:  Ramseur Records

Courtesy: Ramseur Records

The new upcoming album from Durham, NC based indie act Bombadil is everything that an indie record should be.  This thirteen-track record is subtle but catchy without coming across as being too proud of itself.  The four-piece engages its listeners with ease on its opener, ‘Angeline’, and keeps their ears throughout the album’s remaining songs.  The music alone, with its poppy vibe is sure to be an instant hit with fans.  Its hip-hop style beat mixed with its piano runs and equally impressive vocals make it a fitting opener for the band’s return.  It would be no surprise if it becomes a favorite among college radio programmers across the country.  That is to say it is sure to be a hit among programmers that give the song (and album) a chance.

Having made quite the first impression with the opener to its new album, the band surprises listeners on that song’s follow-up with a song that is the polar opposite to its opener in ‘Learning to Let Go.’ The addition of a horn section to this more pop-rock oriented song gives a feel that no other band out there has even begun to consider.  The music of this song is interesting in its own right.  What really makes it interesting is the contrast of its music to its lyrics.  This is another song centered on the standard topic of relationships.  This song sees the band singing about…well…letting go, plain and simple.  Typically, such a concept is accompanied by more somber sounds in most popular songs.  Bombadil’s members took the road less travelled here, opting instead for something more upbeat and optimistic.  Because of that, it is another song that is sure to impress any listener.

Bombadil surprised early on with the second song on its new album.  The surprises don’t stop there.  From the more poppy sounds of the album’s first two tracks, the band goes in more of a country direction on the album’s third song, ‘Born at Five.’  As with the album’s opener, this song’s lyrics and its music come together to make it another impressive addition to this new album.  On the upper-most surface level, it is classic country at its purist form.  It’s a story about a man’s life, from what can be inferred through the song from his birth to old age and everything in-between.  The simple use of nothing but a guitar, banjo, drums, vocals, piano, and minimalist electronics works with the song’s lyrics to make it such a beautiful song.  Even those that aren’t fans of country and bluegrass will find themselves enjoying this song and openly admitting it, too. That in itself is quite the statement.  Purist country fans on the other hand, will be gladly and openly admit how the joy brought about by the quartet.

Metrics of Affection’s opening trio of tracks is an impressive re-introduction to the band for long-time fans.  It’s just as impressive for those that are first time listeners to the band’s music.  These three songs are just the starting point for the band on this new record.  It continues to reshape its sound from one song to another throughout its remaining ten tracks.  The constant change of styles keeps listeners engaged straight through to the final fading moments of the album’s closer, ‘Thank You.’  Each one of those remaining songs has so much emotional depth both musically and lyrically.  A prime example of this is the full on-instrumental that is ‘Patience is Expensive.’  This beautiful solo piano piece is certain to move some listeners to tears.  That’s all.  The crescendos and decrescendos swell and fall in just the right spots, adding so much emotion to the song.  It’s just one more of so many examples of the impressive work crafted in this record that audiences will enjoy when they pick up the album on Tuesday, July 23rd.  It can be ordered online at the band’s website,

The band has a handful of dates across North Carolina on its current tour including its upcoming performance on the coastal town of Corolla this Sunday, July 14th at Mike Dianna’s Grill Room.  The band’s other North Carolina dates and full tour schedule is available online now at the band’s Facebook page,  Fans can also “Like” the band’s Facebook page to keep up with all of the latest news and more from Bombadil and its members.

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