Save the Date A Quirky But Interesting Romantic Dramedy

Courtesy:  IFC Films/mpi media group

Courtesy: IFC Films/mpi media group

IFC Films’ romantic dramedy, Save the Date, is a story that despite its pacing and its stereotypical indie flick style characters is actually entertaining and thought provoking.  The fact of the matter is that while sisters Beth and Sarah (Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan respectively) come across as the stereotypical self-righteous, wanna-be trendy hipster scene kids, there really are people just like them in everyday life.  Of course most of them are the college age audiences at whom this movie is aimed.  But they are out there, as are young hopeful musician types such as Andrew and Kevin.  Again, those audience types are more along the college age set, thus making this more entertaining for younger college-aged audiences than for older audiences.

While theirs are quite stereotypical indie flick characters, the character styles of Beth, Sarah, Andrew, Kevin, and even Jonathan all play quite well into the overall story.  All four are forced to take a whole new perspective on life thanks to a series of dramatic events that happens between them.  The events in question include a surprise marriage proposal, relationship changes, and another surprise in the story’s final moments that will not be revealed here.  Simply put, it’s another to reveal the tensions that had been simmering between Beth and Sarah all along.  The closing minutes of the story between the sisters is certain to bring about quite the ethical and moral discussion among the movie’s audiences, too.  Again, this is something that will not be revealed here.  But it is definitely something that will have audiences talking long after the story has ended.

Save the Date offers audiences a relatively well-balanced story with its share of both lightly humorous and more serious moments.  It all works to make a story that is worth at least one watch.  The story is relatively balanced.  But it isn’t without at least one problem.  That one problem is a very glaring issue, too.  The problem in question is the story’s pacing.  The story’s pacing begins to drag roughly halfway through the movie.  As it can be linked right back to the scripting, this means that as much as the scripting works, so does it have a problem.  The movie clocks in at just over an hour and half.  In defense of those behind the movie, it would not have made sense to cut scenes from the movie.  Perhaps a re-write might have been better in pre-production.  Staying on that issue, audiences will appreciate the bonus deleted scenes included in the movie’s DVD release.

The DVD presentation of Save the Date offers viewers the option of watching its bonus features with or without commentary.  Some of the bonus features are in their own right, pretty funny.  While it’s obvious why they were removed from the story, they are still nice additions to movie’s overall presentation.  Add in the bonus outtakes and original “Making of” mini-comic, and viewers get what is quite the interesting story and presentation.  The “Making of” mini-comic is one of the best of the bonus features.  Never before has a movie covered its “making of” in this style.  That in itself makes the movie worth the watch.  The DVD is available now online and in stores.  To find out more about Save the Date and more films from IFC and IFC Films, go online to and “Like” it.  Fans can also keep up with the latest from IFC and IFC Films at the official IFC website at

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