Fayre Releases Video For New Single

Courtesy:  Semper Augustus Records/Fresh Tracks Marketing

Courtesy: Semper Augustus Records/Fresh Tracks Marketing

Teen pop star Lena Fayre has released the video for her new single, ‘Jukebox Love.’  The video is one part lyric video and one part music video.  The song is off of her debut self-titled EP.  Her EP is out now.  Its release was preceded by her bittersweet debut single, ‘Belong to You.’ Her new single is a complete departure from that song.  It is far happier in every way.  This song was co-written by Jaden Michaels.  The song’s lyric video sees Fayre in a number of happier situations in comparison to those in the video for her debut single.  It echoes the much happier vibe of the song.  The scene with Fayre releasing a handful of bright balloons on a rooftop and the illuminated “xoxo” that she writes in the sand both help to illustrate the song’s happier tone.  The video can be viewed in its entirety now on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caDaLTEPgWI.

This latest single and ‘Belong to You’ are not the only songs on Fayre’s new EP.  Also included on her debut release are the songs ,’Love Burning Alive’ co-written by Jenn Decilveo, ‘Fate’, and ‘Silver’, co-written by songwriter/producer/instrumentalist Brian Howes (of the band Closure and founder of Van Howes Studios).  ‘Love Burning Alive’ is hard hitting dance number.  ‘Fate’ is also sure to impress electronica and dance fans as will ‘Silver.’

Fayre’s music has been compared to the likes of Alicia Keys and Madonna in its style.  The EP can be purchased online via iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lena-fayre-ep/id659857109.  And to keep up with the latest from Lena Fayre, fans can follow her online at http://lenafayre.com.

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