Moock’s Cancer Support Compilation A Wonderful Set Of Songs

Courtesy:  Moockshake Music

Courtesy: Moockshake Music

Having cancer or knowing someone with cancer is a very emotional situation.  It is an especially emotional situation for children and their parents when children are diagnosed with the disease.  It can lead to so many emotions both within children affected by it and within their parents.  That mix of emotions can lead to even deeper problems for all involved in the long run.  Thankfully, there are support groups both for cancer patients and for their families out there among other tools.  Now thanks to singer-songwriter Alastair Moock, children diagnosed with cancer and their parents have one more tool to help cope with their situation.

Alastair Moock’s new album, Singing Our Way Through: Songs for The World’s Bravest Kids is a heartwarming and moving collection of songs for young cancer patients and their parents.  The thirteen-song compilation offers families lots of songs that will help them cope with everything from the emotions of the diagnosis to the hospital visits.  Both children and parents will appreciate the positive messages conveyed through each song.  The musical style of each song differs from the one before, as do the lyrics.  But the one thing that remains the same is the positive emotion generated through the songs.  Each one does its own to help keep moral high during even the toughest of times.  Whether they’re more comical, such as the hip-hop tinged ‘B-R-A-V-E’ and the folksy ‘Take Care of Your Grownups’ or something more deeply moving such as the gospel-inspired ‘Joy Comes Back’ and the country-western style of ‘Home When I Hold You’, there is something on this record for any family dealing with the emotional stresses of cancer.  There is even a take on the theme from Disney/Pixar’s hit movie Toy Story, ‘You’ve Got a Friend In Me.’  Put into the context of this album, it is given a wholly new meaning that is so much deeper yet still just as fun as the original tune.  It’s one more great addition to the compilation.

The songs culled for this compilation each offer an emotional support for children and parents in their own way.  They’re just part of the whole that makes this such a special collection of songs, though.  Just as impressive as the songs themselves is the fact that Moock included within the compilation’s packaging, the story of what motivated him to assemble the songs.  He explains that it was the diagnosis of one of his own children—one of his twin five-year old daughters—that led him to make this wonderful piece of musical therapy for parents and children alike.  He explains in his story that when he and his wife were told of his daughter’s diagnosis, “it felt like we were drowning.”  He goes on to explain that after the first seemingly empty week, he finally was able to collect himself and moved forward in his own healing by getting to work on this release.  The full story is available online now at  Audiences can keep up with the latest from Alastair there or on his other website,  The story and the music on this album together will move anyone that has a heart and will remind the rest of us just how unfair it is for us to take for granted everything that we have versus everything these young individuals and their parents have to endure.  It will also help bring so much joy to those same children and parents and help make things at least a little bit easier.  It is available now and can be ordered online via the websites above.

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