Wild Kratts’ Box Set A Wild Bunch Of Episodes For Any Family

Courtesy:  PBS/PBS Kids/9 Story Entertainment

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Kids/9 Story Entertainment

Wild Kratts is one of PBS Kids’ best shows.  The adventures of Martin and Chris Kratt have entertained audiences of all ages since 2011.  In that time, Martin, Chris and their friends have traveled the globe, introducing all kinds of animals to audiences.  Now thanks to PBS Kids and 9 Story Entertainment, those audiences can enjoy twenty episodes from the beloved series in one large box set, titled Wild Kratts: Wildest Animal Adventures.

Wild Kratts: Wildest Animal Adventures features twenty episodes from the brothers’ animated series in five discs.  All five discs are placed inside their own slim cases.  Only one collection is missing from this set.  That set is Wild Kratts: Jungle Adventures.  Does this take away from the overall presentation of the set?  It does.  But it doesn’t take away so much that it hurts the set, either.  The very fact that PBS Kids and 9 Story Entertainment would go so far as to release four of the show’s five collections in one set is impressive in itself.  Keeping that in mind, it makes the collections culled for this set one of the set’s positives.  Just as much of a positive are the combined lessons of nature and conservancy taught through each episode.

The brothers Kratt offer viewers lots of animated fun throughout the twenty episodes included in Wild Kratts:  Wildest Animal Adventures.  They offer more than just fun, though.  Throughout each episode, Chris and Martin have to face some not so nice individuals who in their own way help to illustrate the guys’ lessons about conservancy.  As bad as they are, the noted baddies are also quite dopey and entertaining in their own way.  This makes the included episodes even more family friendly.  What’s most important about the lessons taught throughout each episode is that unlike say Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Wild Kratts is nowhere near as preachy.  The show’s writers don’t press the issues so much as they offer gentle nudges.  Simply put, it teaches without preaching.  And that is the best thing about the writing in each episode culled for this latest collection from PBS Kids.  Add in animation that even if it is CG based, one can’t tell that it’s CG based, and audiences get a show that is a perfect balance of entertainment and education.  That balance makes Wild Kratts one of PBS Kids’ best shows on the air right now.  And it makes Wild Kratts: Wildest Animal Adventures a welcome set for any parent, teacher, or child.  It will be available on DVD Tuesday, September 3rd.  It can be ordered online direct from the PBS online store at http://www.shoppbs.org/product/index.jsp?productId=20875686&cp=&kw=wild+kratts+wildest+animal+adventures&origkw=Wild+Kratts+Wildest+Animal+Adventures&sr=1. More information on Wild Kratts is available on the PBS Kids Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/PBSKIDS.  And more full adventures are available online on the Wild Kratts PBS Kids website at http://pbskids.org/wildkratts/home.html.

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