Mr. Palindrome’s New LP Quirky Fun For The Whole Family

Courtesy:  Sugar Mountain PR

Courtesy: Sugar Mountain PR

Children’s albums are some of the most enjoyable releases to review each day in the Phil’s Picks blog.  The reason for this is the originality and creativity in those albums.  The new album from Aussie artist Mr. Palindrome, Smiley Face Sticker, is more proof of that originality and creativity.

Smiley Face Sticker is a good record for parents of Pre-K and kindergarten age children.  Songs such as ‘Backwards Alphabet’, ‘A Love Alliteration’, and ‘Onomatopoeia’ are some of the catchiest of the album’s songs.  Along with being so catchy, they are also educational.  They teach lessons to young listeners in the process of entertaining said listeners.  Teachers will especially enjoy using these songs as additional tools in their daily lessons.  And the update on the classic nursery rhyme, ‘The Itsy-Bitsy Spider’ is just as enjoyable as the classic nursery rhyme.  ‘Backwards Alphabet’ is exactly what it sounds like.  It takes the classic kid favorite ‘Alphabet Song’ and makes it even more fun by teaching kids how to memorize those twenty-six letters in reverse.  Some might scoff at this, but it can be more difficult than one might think to recall letters backwards than forwards.  Keeping this in mind, the use of this song as a pneumonic of sorts makes it all the more valuable in any young child’s development.  ‘A Love Alliteration’ is one of those really fun songs that teach kids an English lesson while kids won’t even realize it.  It teaches how certain words can sound alike, and the fun of writing lines with lots of alliteration.  And ‘Onomatopoeia’ teaches about sounds through song.  It might not be the first of its kind.  But its musical style is definitely original.  Yet again, Mr. Palindrome uses some effective pneumonic devices to both entertain and educate his young listeners here.  It’s one more piece that makes this album more than worthy of being used in any classroom or living room setting.

 Mr. Palindrome’s new album is heavy with plenty of fun and educational songs.  For all of the fun and educational content on this album, one song stands out more than any other.  That one song is the album’s closing number, ‘Who Folded The Sun in Half?’  This song stands out among the album’s other works because of its overall style.  Whereas the album’s other songs are more upbeat, this one is more along the lines of a lullaby.  It comes across as a parent singing to his or her child.  The gentility of the song is a direct contrast to everything else included on this record.  In the grand scheme of things, it’s an especially interesting addition to the record because it mirrors the end of a busy day at school.  And go figure, some schools across the country have just started a new school year today, while others will start next week.  That makes this an even more well-timed release.  That it stands out so well among the album’s other songs so well, is perhaps the most intriguing factor of the album.  It shows that Smiley Face Sticker is more than just a random collection of songs.  In its own way, it tells a story through music.  It does so without even trying.  And it is that along with the album’s more fun songs in general that makes this record an interesting record for any parent, teacher, and child.  Smiley Face Sticker is available now in stores and online.  And Mr. Palindrome is currently touring in support of his album that was released early this year.  Fans can get his most current tour dates and updates online now at and

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