Scorpions’ New Archived Live Recording Will Impress Band’s Long Time Fans

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Veteran rock band Scorpions announced a couple of years ago that it would embark on one final tour before calling it a career.  Apparently that tour has become quite extended as the band is still touring today.  Those that don’t or won’t have the chance to see the band on its current tour can still see the band live thanks to Eagle Rock Entertainment.  Eagle Rock Entertainment has released a new archived live performance from the veteran musicians from 2000.  The new release, titled Moment of Glory, features a recorded performance by the band with special guests, the Berlin Philharmonic, at the 2000 Expo in Hanover.

The band’s new live recording isn’t the first of its kind.  Metallica first did the “metal symphony” act in 1999.  Despite not having been the first to perform alongside a group of classical musicians, this doesn’t take anything away from the performance presented by Scorpions and the Berlin Philharmonic.  The concert’s opener gives the band’s classic hit ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane’ a whole new life.  The way that the orchestra builds into the song makes the song so much livelier than it was in its original form.  It’s just one of so many moments throughout the overall performance that audiences will appreciate.  The enthusiasm of the youths that sing behind the band during ‘We Don’t Own The World’ will have any viewer smiling.  At one point, audiences see a teen boy in the choir coming close to rocking out in time to the band as he sings with his fellow teens.  It just goes to prove the influence of the band even three decades after it first broke out in the mainstream.  And the performance’s final major number, ‘Deadly Sting Suite’ is certain to have any viewer watching in awe.  This three-movement opus is so powerful both in its most quiet opening moments and in its harder final climactic notes.  Everything in between is just as well balanced.  Speaking of that balance, the balance of the performance’s other songs is just as solid.  Audiences get plenty of heavier material such as ‘We’ll Burn The Sky’ and ‘Big City Nights’ and more reserved moments such as the performance’s title song and ‘Here in My Heart.’  All in all, the performance’s set list alone is enough to make any original Scorpions fan proud.  There is more that should be considered in this set, though, than just its set list.  One other factor to be considered in this new release is its audio and video mix.

The audio and video mixes in this performance are relatively solid.  At times, the audio does seem to get a little bit muddy.  But one must take into consideration the fact that this performance was held indoors.  The combined sound of the band set against the orchestra had nowhere to go.  It could only echo throughout the concert hall.  So to those that had complaints about the audio mix should definitely take that into consideration in viewing the performance.  Also to be taken into consideration is the fact that this performance is presented on an SD blu-ray.  Simply put, that means that the original standard def recording was upconverted and placed on this disc.  Considering that what audiences see is the original standard def presentation of the concert, it doesn’t look that bad upconverted and presented on an HDTV.  As a matter of fact, much of the performance looks quite impressive.  And that along with the equally solid set list makes the performance all the more worth checking out for anyone that is a fan of this world renowned rock band.

The audio and video mix alongside the performance’s set list go a long way toward making Moment of Glory and impressive recording for any Scorpions fan.  There is still one more aspect of the performance that audiences will especially take notice.  That aspect is the performance’s camera work.  Every camera shot throughout the concert is standard rock concert fare.  The crane mounted cameras get some impressive sweeping shots across the stage, taking in both the band and the orchestra in full.  Most interesting is that whereas most live shows around 2000 used robotic cameras on tracks at a stage’s front, audiences will see actual camera operators following the band across the stage.  This is important to note because of just how stable the shots were from this angle.  Whereas the shots there could have been quite unstable, the exact opposite was the reality.  It helps to make the concert experience fuller.  And along with the audio and video mix, and the general set list, it works to help make this concert recording one that any long time Scorpions will enjoy every with every watch.  The concert is available now in stores and online.  Audiences can get more information on this release and order it online direct from the Eagle Rock Entertainment website at  And for all of the latest news and more from the band, fans can go online to and “Like” it.

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