Mama Doni’s Jewish Holiday Party Is Fun For Any Family

Courtesy:  Mama Doni Productions/Sound View Media Partners

Courtesy: Mama Doni Productions/Sound View Media Partners

Mama’s Doni’s Jewish Holiday Party is a wonderful musical and cultural experience for any viewer regardless of their faith.  This is especially the case considering that we as humans live in a world that increasingly needs to learn tolerance.  Whether in a synagogue or a church, this presentation is so enjoyable first and foremost because of its overall makeup.  Directly related to the presentations makeup is its overall content.  It presents the celebration of the annual Jewish  holidays in a way that is anything but the norm.  And the inclusion of a bonus CD containing all of the songs presented on the DVD seals the deal for this presentation.  It is the final touch in what makes this new release an unexpected joy for the whole family.

The very first aspect of Mama Doni’s Jewish Holiday Party that audiences will appreciate is its overall makeup.  The presentation as a whole is split into three distinct segments.  The first of those segments focuses on Chanukah.  The second focuses on Passover and the third the Sabbath.  It would have been just as easy to toss all three segments together as part of a larger whole.  But those behind the DVD chose the better road, opting instead for the final presentation contained herein.  Being that the overall presentation is aimed at younger viewers and that younger viewers in question have short attention spans, this was an especially smart move.  Making the move even smarter was that a slate noting the topic of said episode is placed before each episode.  This makes following each one even easier both for younger viewers and for teachers and parents.

The overall makeup of Mama Doni’s Jewish Holiday Party is a wonderful first impression for viewers.  The content of each of the presentation’s three segments makes the entire thing even more of a joy.  That’s because it goes completely against the norm of what one might think about when one thinks about a holiday special.  One doesn’t generally associate the Jewish holidays with bluegrass music and the sing-alongs contained on this DVD.  But somehow Mama Doni makes it all work.  What’s more, the cooking segments showing how to make latkes and pizzas from Matzo Ball dough make the experience even more tasty fun.  Parents and children can use these segments to learn how to make both dishes, again regardless of their faith.  In all honesty, this critic didn’t even know that latkes were made using onion soup mix until having watched the cooking segment of this DVD showing how they were made.  Until that moment, this critic believed that latkes were just fried potato cakes.  This is proof again of the value of the overall content of Mama Doni’s Jewish Holiday Party.

If the overall presentation and content of Mama Doni’s Jewish Holiday Party isn’t enough for audiences, then perhaps the inclusion of a bonus CD will help convince them.  The bonus CD that comes with the DVD contains all of the songs sung by Mama Doni and her young friends through all three of the feature’s segments.  The songs in question are separated into segments on the CD so parents can know which songs to focus on as the Jewish holiday season progresses.  They can even take it with them in their vehicles during the season if they want or just listen to it in their living rooms or in their synagogues and churches.  It is the finishing touch on a holiday presentation that any family should watch at least once this and every holiday season.  It will be available Tuesday, October 15th.  More information on Mama Doni’s Jewish Holiday Party and more releases from Mama Doni is available online at and  To keep up with the  latest sports and entertainment news and reviews, go online to and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at

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