A Cold Fire From The One I Loved A Solid First Effort From Dorean Lives

Courtesy:  Red Cord Records

Courtesy: Red Cord Records

Dorean Lives has officially put itself onto this critic’s list of the year’s best new independent releases.  The Birmingham, Alabama based band has proven with its debut record that it can easily hold its own with some of mainstream rock’s biggest names.  A Cold Fire From The One I Loved boasts a dozen tracks that are just as solid as anything released by Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, and others of that ilk.  Front man and band founder Logan Freeman even sounds like Chevelle’s Pete Loeffler as he and his band mates make their way through the album’s near hour long run time.  If a person were to listen to this album not knowing it wasn’t one of the aforementioned bands, one would actually think it was one of them.  Audiences will be grabbed right from the album’s opener, ‘Shiver Breathe Repeat.’  The song’s musical side will grab listeners and hold them throughout the song.  Lyrically, it’s sure to have listeners thinking.  The song’s lyrics are slightly cryptic.  It could be argued to be based in a relationship issue.  That argument could be made as Freeman sings, “I breathe you in/Shiver/Just Breathe with me/It won’t be long till/This is all you know/And just is/Whether it’s a twitch of the eye/Or a vision that’s not there/Don’t you/Shiver, breathe, repeat.”  The song’s  moody musical side serves as fuel for that argument.

‘Shiver Breathe Repeat’ is a good starting point for Dorean Lives.  It is a solid first impression from the band, especially considering everything that the band’s members faced over the years.  ‘Shores’ is another of the album’s high points.  Anyone that is a fan of Switchfoot will appreciate this mid-tempo rocker.  Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this song is not so much the song’s musical or even lyrical side, but Freeman’s vocal style.  At first Freeman sounded somewhat like Chevelle’s Pete Loeffler.  Somehow, he has managed to make himself sound more like Finger Eleven’s Rick Jackett.  This is especially the case when he hits the high notes, singing, “I’ve got this burnt skin/On my hands/From test faith/It’s true/As I turn my eyes/From the crested waves I’d hoped I’d see/I still hope to see you.”  That vocal talent set alongside the song’s equally solid musical and lyrical sides makes this song even more one to check out.

The members of Dorean Lives exhibit quite a talent for writing and musicianship throughout this record, as one should be able to note by now.  For those that are perhaps not yet convinced of this, a single listen to ‘The Fear That Brought Us’ will perhaps do the tricks.  This seemingly socially conscious song grabs listeners right from its opening seconds with the subtle ringing of bells that suddenly disappear before the band launches full speed into the song.  Freeman sings in this work, “So who among you led the sheep to wolves/So who among you led them to their death/It was you/It was you.”  These short lines are some of the album’s most powerful.  They come across as a social statement of sorts that addresses false leaders.  Now whether those leaders are political or otherwise can only be answered by the band.  But that supposition is made even clearer earlier in the song when Freeman sings, “But who drove you to do this/Sweet deceiver/to lead them along/Tell them their wrongs/To hold their hands/Cause you’re so sure/That’s what faith is.”  It’s even clearer here that Freeman must be singing about false religious leaders, of whom there are quite a number.  If Freeman’s intent was indeed to address said false leaders, then he and his band mates did quite the job of doing so.  It’s sad that there are in fact such individuals out there.  It’s good to see that in this song, a whistleblowing call to arms of sorts.  It’s just one more piece of the whole that audiences will enjoy with each listen.  And audiences can liten any time they want as A Cold Fire From The One I Loved I available now.  It can be ordered online at http://www.redcordrecords.com/releases.  More information on the band’s debut record, its tour dates and more is available online at http://www.facebook.com/DoreanLives and http://www.doreanlives.com.  To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to http://www.facebook.com/philspicks and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at https://philspicks.wordpress.com.

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