Dayseeker’s Debut Stands Out In 2013’s Metalcore Crowd

Courtesy:  Invogue Records

Courtesy: Invogue Records

Orange County, CA based metalcore band Dayseeker has released in its debut album What It Means To Be Defeated, an interesting first effort.  The band’s album comes along at a time when it seems that the metalcore community is overflowing with new bands and albums.  Luckily for the members of this band—Rory Rodriguez (vocals), Mike Karle (drums), Alex Polk (guitar), Gino Sgambelluri (guitar), and Andrew Sharp (bass)—this record does in fact stand out.  It stands out mainly thanks to its lyrical content.  The standard angsty songs are there.  But so are some more hard hitting pieces.  One of those harder hitting pieces comes in the form of ‘Incinerate.’  Rodriguez and company expertly capture the emotion felt by someone that has lost a loved one from the cold, callous act of murder.  The emotional impact is instant as Rodriguez screams, “If the dead can’t speak for themselves/Then I’ll say it loud and clear/Death is imminent/And I will grin as it rips you from this world/There will be no end to your pain/No new beginning/For you to claim/Just a cold, dark cell/For you to live out your days/And die alone.”  The topic of losing a loved one does come up in the music world.  But rarely can one say that one has heard or written a song that captures such emotion.  That makes this song even more of a high point to this album.

‘Incinerate’ is the most emotionally powerful song that Rodriguez and his band mates have included on Dayseeker’s debut album.  That’s because it travels into largely uncharted musical seas.  While the band sails into uncharted musical seas at least once on its debut record, it also has more familiar material.  In ‘The Home We Built’, Rodriguez and company delve into the subject of lost love.  He writes in this song, “I took you for granted/And let you walk out on/The home we built/What the hell/Am I supposed to do without you/I should have fought for you/When I had the chance.”  This is a painful sentiment that many men and women alike have felt.  But like all painful instances, it a brighter outcome is possible.  Rodriguez makes this clear, writing in the song’s closing verse, “Winter will pass/And I may relapse/But it’s better to have you and lose you/Than to never have loved you at all/There is a hole in my heart.”  It’s a bittersweet sentiment.  But it is a very real sentiment to which listeners of any age can relate.  That alone makes this another song that listeners will appreciate.  It epitomizes the album’s title, just in a different fashion from ‘Incineration’ making it another fitting inclusion to the band’s debut effort.

Just as familiar to listeners as the subject of lost love is the subject of self-doubt.  Every person in this world has reached a point of self-doubt at one point or another in life.  Younger listeners are commonly stereotyped to be the only audiences to feel such personal angst.  But the reality of life is that even older audiences feel self-doubt.  This critic, even at thirty-two years of age, still feels moments of self-doubt.  So even to this critic, a song such as ‘Hollow Shell’ is relatable.  The figure in ‘Hollow Shell’ comes across as fighting the battle of self-doubt and depression, questioning his or her own religious beliefs, yet still comes out on top in the end.  Listeners will hear this as Rodriguez writes, “Shattered son in the sea/Know that where you sink is temporary/Cause you’ll rise and you’ll see/When you pass what you find/From the depths of your grave/Will end your suffering/Carry the cross/Until your bones break/It’s never too late to change.”  This is a powerful statement.  And it’s one from which any listener will gain personal inspiration.  Because of that, it is one more song that will let listeners know that the feeling of defeat can just as easily lead to the feeling of victory.

What It Means To Be Defeated is available now.  Audiences can hear music from the band’s debut album now as Dayseeker winds up its current tour with Death of an Era, Kingdom of Giants, and Adestria.  The band will be in Dallas, Texas tonight at the Sons of Hermann Hall.  Tonight’s show is followed up tomorrow with a show in El Paso, Texas.  Fans can check out the band’s current tour schedule and get the latest news from the band online at  To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at

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