Kids And Parents Will Both Love The Latest Dinosaur Train DVD

Courtesy:  PBS/PBS Kids

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Kids

All aboard!  The Dinosaur Train is ready to roll again!  The latest compilation from PBS Kids’ hit series Dinosaur Train is a good fit for young audiences and teachers as Valentine’s Day nears once again.  Dinosaur Train: I Love Dinosaurs boasts four more episodes from the hit series.  Four episodes may not be much to some.  But the collective content of the included episodes is the primary factor in the overall enjoyment of this set.  Just as noteworthy as the episodes’ content is the collective bonus features included in the set.  Both of these factors work together to make Dinosaur Train’s latest DVD compilation a grouping of episodes that will have audiences of all ages saying they love dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Train: I Love Dinosaurs contains four more episodes from PBS’ hit series.  On the surface, four episodes doesn’t seem like that much.  But the collective content of each of the four episodes makes this latest DVD well worth ordering.  Love is in the air in this compilation.  Shiny has a crush on Mr. Conductor’s nephew, Gilbert in “Gilbert Visits The Nest.”  A Cryolophosaurus  named Crystal catches the eye of King Cryolophosaurus in “King Meets Crystal.”  And even Mr. Conductor has his own romantic interest in “Erma and the Conductor.”  With so much romance even in the dinosaur age, it makes this compilation a great fit for Valentine’s Day both in the classroom and the living room.  The romance factor of the included episodes is just one part of what makes Dinosaur Train: I Love Dinosaurs a fun addition to any classroom or home library.  The overall content of the episodes culled for the set is really what makes them enjoyable.

The overall content of each of the four episodes culled for this latest Dinosaur Train DVD is the…ahem…heart of what makes the presentation in whole so enjoyable.  One of the most interesting things to note of the episodes contained on the disc is that not every episode sees the Pteranadon family take the Dinosaur Train.  “Gilbert Visits The Nest” and “Don’s Collection” prove that the show’s writers can make a good episode without having to pull the characters into different time periods.  What’s more, the lessons taught in these two episodes make them all the richer.  “Don’s Collection” teaches young viewers that sometimes, the simple things can be just as entertaining as anything else.  That’s a lesson that can be applied in so many facets in life.  “Gilbert Visits The Nest” teaches viewers that one doesn’t have to go to extremes to impress others.  This doesn’t have to apply in a romantic setting, either.  It can apply in a setting as simple as making friends.  Even adults could learn a thing or two from this episode.  Speaking of learning things, kids get a mini-lesson of sorts on astronomy in “Erma and The Conductor.”  The Pteranodon family takes the Dinosaur Train to see a meteor shower.  Younger audiences learn what meteors are and what meteor showers are at that.  So along with the romance factor, the education factor is there, too.  If the episodes themselves aren’t enough for viewers, the bonus features included in the DVD will convince viewers.

The episodes included in Dinosaur Train: I Love Dinosaurs are by themselves a bonus for viewers.  That’s thanks to the mix of educational and entertaining content.  The episodes aren’t all that audiences get with this new set from PBS and PBS Kids.  The bonus features included with this DVD maintain the bar set by previous Dinosaur Train DVDs.  Dr. Scott The Paleontologist’s segments are included once again as are more coloring pages, an interactive DVD-Rom game and more.  The bonus features bring everything full circle and make this DVD complete.  Having gone through both the episodes and bonus features, every viewer will agree that they, too love dinosaurs.  Dinosaur Train: I Love Dinosaurs is available now on DVD.  It can be ordered online via the PBS online store at More information on this and other Dinosaur Train DVDs is available online at  More episodes and games are also available online at  To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at

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