The Red Skelton Show: The Lost Episodes Is One Of 2014’s Best Box Sets For Families

Courtesy: Shout! Factory/Timeless Media

Courtesy: Shout! Factory/Timeless Media

Comedy today is a far cry from what it once was in the golden era of television.  Families could gather together and enjoy great shows such as Burns & Allen, The Jack Benny Show, and The Abbott & Costello Show just to name a few.  By comparison, so many of today’s sitcoms rely on sex and other material that is anything but family friendly to entertain audiences.  Thankfully, Timeless Media and Shout! Factory have partnered to counter all of that with the upcoming release of The Red Skelton Show: The Lost Episodes.  The double-disc set will be released next Tuesday, February 11th.  And it is quite the welcome release.  Whether or not viewers are familiar with The Red Skelton Show or even Skelton’s comedy in general, this set is certain to have viewers of every age laughing uproariously.  That’s because the comedy contained in the episodes culled for this set is appropriate for every viewer.  This is just the beginning of what makes this set such a joy.  Just as important to the overall enjoyment of The Red Skelton Show: The Lost Episodes is the quality of the episodes’ footage.  The episodes culled for this set obviously came from the show’s early days.  And they look and sound quite good considering their age.  The last part of the whole the audiences will appreciate is the set’s packaging.  Timeless Media and Shout! Factory continue to maintain their high standard of packaging with this collection of episodes.  That and the aforementioned factors work together to make The Red Skelton Show:  The Lost Episodes a must have for anyone looking for true quality and family friendly comedy.

The episodes collected for The Red Skelton Show: The Lost Episodes are collectively an excellent example of what once made comedy great.  Maybe it is the dad in this critic.  Maybe it’s just this critic’s more conservative side talking.  But in comparison to so much of what is on television today, the comic elements of The Red Skelton Show make it far more entertaining than much of what fills the television spectrum today.  The sketches that Skelton would use are loaded with wonderful physical comedy for the whole family as well as some commentary that while sharp for its time, is still tame by comparison to what is out there today.  A prime example would be commentary about Kennedy in one of Skelton’s Freddie the Freeloader skits.  That same skit also offers some great jokes about Freddie being healthy despite living in poor conditions.  The jokes that make up the dialogue in this skit are just as hilarious as the physical comedy.  The other skits included in this set are each loaded with their own jokes and gags, too.  They are certain to have any viewer laughing out loud with every watch.

The jokes and gags that make up the episodes in this set are a joy for the entire family.  Just as worth noting is the quality of the footage.  The vintage footage of these classic episodes looks wonderful.  So it goes without saying that the painstaking efforts undertaken to restore and resurrect these episodes more than paid off.  It paid off both for viewers and for those charged with bringing the episodes back to life once again.  It’s the visual equivalent of putting a classic vinyl onto a turntable and listening to it.  It just brings back such a sense of nostalgia.  Making the deal even sweeter, Timeless Media and Shout! Factory took the high road with this set, letting viewers know that the footage was re-mastered as best as possible.  Both companies are to be applauded for including the disclaimer.  It shows that both companies know some people simply can’t be pleased.  So the use of a disclaimer is the only feasible answer.  For that, those responsible for collecting the episodes for this set and dusting them off for a whole new generation are more than deserving of applause.

The quality of the episodes’ footage and their content are both excellent reasons that any pure comedy fan or even comic will want to check out this new set.  There’s still at least one more factor to this set that makes it so pleasant to take in.  That final factor is the set’s packaging.  Both discs are placed in their own spot inside the case.  Even more interesting (and this may not be the case with other copies) to note is that this critic’s copy of the set also included a pad of sorts inside the case that kept the two discs from touching each other even on their “faces.”  This protects the discs from one another even more.  It might be a bit of overkill.  But it proves yet again just how much Timeless Media and Shout! Factory care about presenting the best product possible for consumers.  That concern for presenting the best product possible is the proverbial icing on the cake for this brand new set.  It led to top notch packaging for another new release from both companies.  It also led to impressively restored vintage footage, which  also made it easier to take in the family friendly comedy.  It all makes The Red Skelton Show: The Lost Episodes a must have for anyone that wants true, pure comedy.  It will be available next Tuesday, February 11th and can be pre-ordered online now via the Shout! Factory store at  More information on this and other releases from Shout! Factory and Timeless Media is available online at, and

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