Every Family Will Love The Latest DVD From Disney Junior’s Hit Series

Courtesy:  Entertainment One

Courtesy: Entertainment One

Entertainment One’s Guess How Much I Love You: The Adventures of Little Nutbrown Hare is a wonderful series for viewers of all ages.  And now thanks to Entertainment One, fans of the series can get their hands on yet another compilation DVD containing seven more shorts from the hit series.  Friendship Adventures, the latest compilation from the series offers audiences seven more episodes packed with family friendly stories.  Each of the stories boasts valuable life lessons that parents will appreciate and original animation that kids will love. Right from the compilation’s opening episode ‘Favorite Thing’, audiences are treated to not one, not two, but three valuable lessons. ‘I Promise’ is an invaluable addition to the set as it teaches its own important lesson.  This short teaches a lesson about keeping one’s word.  And ‘New Friend’ viewers are taught a lesson about making friends with new people.  These three episodes make up only part of what audiences will enjoy in this release.  There are four other episodes that along with these episodes make this latest release one that every family will enjoy.

‘Favorite Thing’ is a wonderful opener for this second brand new home release from Disney Junior’s family favorite series.  This episode is an important addition to this DVD because of its many lessons.  It teaches not one, not two, but three different valuable lessons.  The first of those lessons is an important lesson about sharing.  The show’s writers incorporate this lesson into the episode by having Little Nutbrown Hare ask Little Field Mouse if he could borrow her flower to show to Big Nutbrown Hare.  Little Field Mouse wasn’t sure at first because she said it was her “favorite thing.”  Despite this, Little Field Mouse agrees to share and let Little Nutbrown Hare show it to Big Nutbrown Hare.  When Little Nutbrown Hare accidentally loses the flower, he has to be honest about it with Little Field Mouse.  This lesson about being honest with people is the second lesson taught in this episode.  In being honest with Little Field Mouse, Little Field Mouse tells him that it’s okay and that they could look for it together.  She goes on to say that her other favorite thing was being friends with him.  It was Little Nutbrown Hare’s way of trying to make things right, which is the episode’s third lesson; if one makes a mistake, one should try to make things right, especially if friendship is on the line.  All three of the lessons shared in this short are equally important to the whole piece.  The fact that the show’s writers were able to incorporate each lesson without one stepping on the other makes the short all the more enjoyable.  In turn, it becomes that much more an invaluable addition to this new DVD compilation.

‘Favorite Things’ teaches an invaluable lesson about being honest and keeping one’s word with others as part of its whole.  In the same vein, ‘I Promise’ teaches a similar lesson as Little Nutbrown Hare ends up promising to spend time with both Little Field Mouse and Little Red Wood Fox.  The problem is that he promised to spend time with both of them at the same time.  So this leaves him in a predicament of sorts.  When Little Nutbrown Hare admits to his error, the trio works things out so that they all can all have fun together.  So not only are young audiences taught the lesson of keeping one’s word and being honest, but as with ‘Favorite Things’ it teaches yet again that people should try to make things right when they know they have erred.  It’s one more aspect of this short that makes it one more invaluable addition to the DVD as a whole.

The lessons about manners taught through the previously noted shorts are equally important for any family.  They both teach similar lessons.  The DVD’s penultimate short, ‘New Friend’, teaches an equally important lesson. It teaches a lesson about friendship’s ups and downs.  When Little Spotted Deer comes to the forest for the first time and makes friends with the other animals of the forest, Little Nutbrown Hare thinks he’ll be friends with Little Spotted Deer forever, only to discover that Little Spotted Deer has to go away.  This upsets her new friends at first.  But in learning that she would be back the following winter, it makes seeing her leave less painful.  In the process it gave them something to look forward to and appreciate one another even more.  Once more, audiences are given an episode that is well worth the watch not just once but any time.  Along with the previously noted episodes and those not noted, it is one more part of the whole that makes this single DVD well worth purchasing now that it is available in stores and online.

More information on Guess How Much I Love YouThe Adventures of Little Nutbrown Hare is available online at http://www.disney.com.au/disneyjunior/guess-how-much-i-love-you/.  Families can also print out pages to color, watch videos and play a special game at that website. To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to http://www.facebook.com/philspicks and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at https://philspicks.wordpress.com.

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