Generation Like Examines The Impact, Consequences Of Corporate Marketing In Social Media

Courtesy:  PBS

Courtesy: PBS

PBS has announced that it will release the latest episode of its hugely acclaimed series Frontline on April 29th.

Frontline: Generation Like investigates the ever growing link between social media and corporate marketing. It is the follow-up to Frontline’s 2001 documentary, The Merchants of Cool. Author Douglas Rushkoff takes the reins once again on this latest documentary from PBS’ hugely lauded series. Rushkoff examines in this feature, how major companies are increasingly taking advantage of teens social media usage to push their products. Rushkoff said of how the corporations in question are exploting teens in their social usage, “Today’s teens don’t need to be chased down by corporations. They’re putting themselves online for anyone to see. They tell the world what they think is cool—starting with their own online profiles. Likes, follows, retweets, and favorites are the social currency of this generation.”

One marketer explained in an interview how said companies are in fact exploiting teens, rather than trying to sell products to them. The anonymous marketer noted in an interview that “Companies know how to take that data and turn it into money. The people who are handing over the data—because they’re hitting ‘I like this’ or ‘I like that’ or they’re telling all their friends, ‘Will you please come like me?—they have no idea what the value of that is.”
Generation Like takes an in-depth at how America’s youth is increasingly becoming an unwitting tool of the country’s biggest companies in its marketing efforts, and how those behind those marketing efforts manage to grab teens among other topics. It will be available on DVD for an SRP of $24.99 and will also be available for download. It can be pre-ordered now via PBS’ online store at

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