Phil’s Picks Honoring Moms & Dads With Special Giveaway

May and June are two of the most important months of the year every year.  That’s because mothers and fathers across the country are honored by their families over the course of those two months.  In celebration of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Phil’s Picks has a special way for YOU the reader to honor your parents.

Each week through May and June, YOU the reader can get a chance to win a prize of YOUR choice courtesy of Phil’s Picks.  Throughout May, you can win a prize of your choice simply mailing your favorite story of how your mother has impacted your life in a positive way.  You can e-mail your stories to for your chance at a prize of your choice.  If your story is chosen at random, you’ll get to choose a prize of your own from the list below.  The same will apply for stories about fathers throughout June.  The list of prizes from which you can choose is below.



1) Aerosmith: Rock for the Rising Sun (Blu-ray)

2) After Newtown: Guns in America (DVD)

3) America’s National Parks: An Eagle’s View (Blu-ray)

4) America Revealed (DVD)

5) The Angry Beavers: Season 2 Part2 (DVD)

6) Amish Shunned, The (DVD)

7) Battle for Brooklyn (DVD)

8) Beautiful Planet: France & Italy (Blu-ray)

9) Beautiful Planet: Spain & Portugal (Blu-ray)

10) Bee Gees, The: One Night Only (Blu-ray)

11) Before & After (Blu-ray)

12) Bella Sara: Emma’s Wings (DVD)

13) Beverly Hills Teens: Volume 1 (DVD)

14) Black Limousine (DVD)

15) Blancanieves (DVD)

16) Born Yesterday (Blu-ray)

17) Brian May & Kerry Ellis: The Candlelight Concerts—Live at Montreux 2013 (Blu-ray/CD
Combo Pack)

18) Bully (DVD)

19) The Carol Burnett Show: Carol’s Favorites (DVD)

20) The Carol Burnett Show: Carol’s Crack Ups (DVD)

21) Case of You, A (Blu-ray)

22) CeeLo Green: Loberace Live in Vegas (Blu-ray)

23) Chasing Madoff (Blu-ray)

24) Citizen Gangster (DVD)

25) Cold Warriors: Wolves & Buffalo (DVD)

26) Collaborator (Blu-ray)

27) Cook’s Country: Season 5 (DVD – 2 copies)

28) Cosmopolis (Blu-ray)

29) Craft in America: Crossroads (DVD)

30) Craft inAmerica: Holiday (DVD)

31) Danny Phantom: Season 2 Part 1 (DVD)

32) Danny Phantom: Season 2 Part 2 (DVD)

33) Dark Horse (Blu-ray)

34) Dealin’ With Idiots (DVD)

35) D.O.A. (Blu-ray)

36) Dragon (Blu-ray)

37) Drunkboat (DVD)

38) The Duellists (Blu-ray)

39) Duets (Blu-ray)

40) Earth From Above (Blu-ray)

41) Fabric of the Cosmos, The (DVD)

42) Frank Zappa: A Token of his Extreme (DVD)

43) Fred Won’t Move Out (DVD)

44)Frontline: Endgame—Aids in Black America (DVD)

45) Frontline: League of Denial—The NFL’s Concussion Crisis (DVD)

46) Gone Fishin’ (Blu-ray)

47) The Grand Duel/Kemoa dual movie set (Blu-ray)

48) Grizzly Adams: The Renewal (DVD)

49) Harland Williams: A Force of Nature (DVD)

50) Haunter (Blu-ray)

51) Hearts Afire: The Complete Series (DVD)

52) Heineken Kidnapping, The (Blu-ray)

53) Here’s Edie (DVD)

54) High School (DVD)

55) Holy Man (Blu-ray)

56) How to Survive a Plague (DVD)

57) In Fear (Blu-ray)

58) Iron Sky (Blu-ray)

59) Iron Sky: Director’s Cut (Blu-ray/DVD combo Pack)

60) Jake Shimabukuro: Life on Four Strings (DVD)

61) Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors: Season 2 (DVD)

62) John Wayne: In Action (DVD)

63) John Wayne: In The Saddle (DVD)

64) Jon Lord: Concerto for Group & Orchestra(Blu-ray/CD combo pack)

65) Knights of Badassdom (Blu-ray)

66) Lay The Favorite (Blu-ray)

67) Last Fall, The (DVD)

68) Last Will. And Testament (DVD)

69) Liberal Arts (Blu-ray)

70) Little White Lies (Blu-ray)

71) Lord of the Dance (DVD)

72) Mama’s Family Season 1 (DVD)

73) Mama’s Family Season 2 (DVD)

74) Mama’s Family Season 3 (DVD)

75) Maximum Conviction (Blu-ray/DVD combo pack)

76) Mia and the Migoo (DVD)

77) Mike and the Mechanics & Paul Carrack: Live @ Shepherd’s Bush London (Blu-ray)

78) Mr. Wrong (Blu-ray)

79) Morning (DVD)

80) Morrisey: 25 Live (Blu-ray)

81) National Parks Exploration Series: Grand Canyon (Blu-ray)

82) National Parks Exploration Series: Yosemite (Blu-ray)

83) Nature: Magic of the Snowy Owl (DVD)

84) Nature: Siberian Tiger Quest (DVD)

85) Neil Sedaka: The Show Goes On Live @ The Royal Albert Hall (Blu-ray/CD)

86) Nova: Secrets of the Sun (DVD)

87) OMD Live: Architecture & Morality & More (Blu-ray)

88) Omnibus: Gene Kelly—Dancing, A Man’s Game (DVD)

89) On The Road (Blu-ray)

90) Other Son, The (Blu-ray)

91) Patti Smith: Live @ Montreux 2005 (Blu-ray)

92) Paul Rodriguez: Just for the Record (DVD)

93) Pawn (Blu-ray)

94) Perfect Understanding (Blu-ray)

95) Peter Frampton: Live in Detroit (Blu-ray)

96) Peter Gabriel: Secret World Live (Blu-ray)

97) Peter Gabriel: So—The Definitive Authorized Story of the Album (Blu-ray)

98) PGA: Highlights of the 2012 Masters Tournament (DVD)

99) Pink Floyd: The Story of Wish You Were Here (Blu-ray)

100) Portlandia: Season 2 (Blu-ray)

101) Produced by George Martin (DVD)

102) Richard Thompson Band, The: Live @ Celtic Connections (Blu-ray)

103) Ray Romano: 95 Miles to Go (DVD)

104) Rock and Bullwinkle & Friends: Complete Season 1 (DVD)

105) Samaritan, The (Blu-ray)

106) Sapphire & Steel: The Complete Series (DVD)

107) Save the Date (DVD/CD Soundtrack)

108) Saving the Ocean With Carl Safina: Season 1 (DVD)

109) Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden (Blu-ray)

110) Secrets of Highclere Castle (DVD)

111) Shark Divers (Blu-ray)

112) Shelter Me (DVD)

113) Simply Red: Live @ Montreux 2003 (Blu-ray)

114) Sleepwalk With Me (Blu-ray)

115) Special Forces (Blu-ray/DVD)

116) Staind: Live at the Mohegan Sun (Blu-ray/CD)

117) Storming Juno (DVD)

118) Stray Cats: Live @ Montreux 1981 (DVD)

119) Street Sharks: The Complete Series (DVD)

120) Styx: the Grand Illusion/Pieces of Eight Live(Blu-ray/CD)

121) Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad Volume 1 (DVD)

122) Sweeney, The (DVD)

123) Syria: Behind The Lines (DVD)

124) Terminal Velocity (Blu-ray)

125) Touchback (Blu-ray/DVD combo pack)

126) 3rd Rock From The Sun: Season 1 (DVD)

127) 3rd Rock From The Sun: Season 2 (DVD)

128) 3rd Rock From The Sun: Season 3 (DVD)

129) 3rd Rock From The Sun: Season 4 (DVD)

130) 3rd Rock From The Sun: Season 5 (DVD)

131) 3rd Rock From The Sun: Season 6 (DVD)

132) To Whom It May Concern: Ka Shen’s Journey (DVD)

133) Trouble in the Heights (DVD)

134) Trouble With Bliss, The (DVD)

135) Twisted Sister: A Twisted X-Mas: Live in Las Vegas (DVD)

136) UB40 Live at Montreux 2002 (Blu-ray)

137) Universe, The: The Complete Season 6 (Blu-ray)

138) Veggietales: The Penniless Princess (DVD)

139) Wacky World of Tex Avery, The: Volume 1 (DVD)

140) White Squall (Blu-ray)

141) Wiggles, The: Big Birthday (DVD)

142) Wild Kratts: Lost at Sea (DVD)

143) WordWorld: To The Rescue (DVD)

144) Your Sister’s Sister (Blu-ray)

1) All Time Low—Dirty Work

2) Annihilator—Feast

3) Beatallica—Abbey Load

4) Bob Schneider—A Perfect Day

5) Breathe Carolina—Hell Is What You Make It

6) Bush–The Sea of Memories

7) Crowbar—Sever The Wicked Hand

8) Dangerous Summer, The—War Paint

9) Dave Matthews Band–Before These Crowded Streets

10) Dave Matthews Band–Stand Up

11) Dave Matthews Band–Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King

12) Dave Matthews Band–Away From The World

13) Darkest Hour—The Human Romance

14) Derek Sherinian—Black Utopia

15) Devin Townsend Project–Ghost

16) Devin Townsend Project–Deconstruction

17) Device–Device (Edited Edition)

18) Divided By Friday—Prove It

19) English Beat, The—Keep The Beat: The Very Best of the English Beat

20) Foreigner—Alive & Rockin’

21) Glasscloud—The Royal Thousand

22) High on Fire—Snakes for the Divine

23) James Durbin–Memories of a Beautiful Disaster

24) Janus—Nox Aeris

25) Joe Grushecky–Somewhere East of Eden

26) Kittie—I’ve Failed You

27) Laura Wilde—Sold My Soul

28) Marillion—Sounds That Can’t Be Made

29) Marillion—Sounds That Can’t Be Made (Deluxe Edition)

30) Matt Skiba & The Sekrets—Babylon

31) Ministry—Enjoy The Quiet: Live at Wacken 2012

32) Nils Lofgren–Old School

33) Peter Gabriel—Live Blood

34) Robert Lamm Songs—The JVE ReMixes

35) Ronnie Montrose–Bearings

36) Roy Orbison—In Dreams: Greatest Hits

37) Saga–Spin It Again! Live In Munich

38) Saving Abel—Bringing Down the Giants

39) Shadidah Omar—Freedom

40) Staind—Live From Mohegan Sun

41) Theory of a Deadman—The Truth Is…

42) There For Tomorrow—The Verge

43) Throwdown—Deathless

44) Uh Huh Her–Future Souls

45) The Winery Dogs–The Winery Dogs (Deluxe Edition)

46) Soundtrack—West of Memphis: Voices for Justice

47) Soundtrack—World’s End, The


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