Daniel Tiger’s New DVDs Are Fun Even For Adults

Courtesy:  PBS/PBS Kids

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Kids

Courtesy:  PBS/PBS Kids

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Kids










PBS Kids released early this year the first two ever DVDs from the network’s new series, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  The DVDs in question, Daniel’s Big Feelings and Life’s Little Lessons, are both wonderful compilations for any parent with young children.  Parents that have seen the series on PBS Kids will recall that each episode is cut into separate shorts that coincide with one another through their specific themes.  They tie directly into one another.  The episodes collected for these DVDs are presented in exactly the same fashion on both discs.  Those charged with assembling the episodes for the DVDs are to be applauded for that effort.  Just as worthy of applause is the fact that the episodes coincide with one another thematically speaking.  This is one of many aspects the creators of this series pulled over from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood  that pays direct tribute to that landmark program.  It’s one more reason that even parents will appreciate these new DVDs especially if they grew up with Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.  And last but most certainly not least important about the two new compilation DVDs is the lessons taught through each short.  The lessons taught through each episode are done so in the same fashion as the lessons taught in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.  And they’re just as easy for young viewers to grasp.  All things considered, these two new DVDs from PBS Kids are absolutely amazing and wonderful pieces to have for any family not able to catch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

The episodes culled for Daniel’s Big Feelings and Life’s Little Lessons are the foundation for the success and enjoyment of both DVDs.  Each episode is split into a pair of shorts that coincide with one another.  And each episode in turn coincides with others that follow one specific theme.  That same presentation format is used in both of the new Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood DVDs.  They all run in the same format.  For instance the episodes collected for Daniel’s Big Feelings all tackle negative emotions that people feel.  Each short’s story connects to the short before it, thus making for almost two hours of kid friendly and family friendly entertainment that also includes important lessons on how to work through those negative emotions effectively.  It would have been easy to just throw together a bunch of episodes with a common theme and call it a day.  But the people charged with assembling the episodes for these DVDs didn’t do that.  They showed that they wanted the offer audiences the best possible product for parents and children alike.  That each of the shorts coincides with one another on both discs is a positive on the surface because it carries over the show just as its episodes run on television.  On a deeper level, the manner in which the episodes are presented is the same as the setup of the series that inspired this program.  That’s another positive to both of these DVDs.

Parents that were children themselves when Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood was in its original run on television will recall that Mr. Rogers would take one central theme and use it throughout the course of his show each day.  During each program, he’d go to the land of make believe more than once as part of an ongoing story line.  And even the segments in his home tied in to those segments in the land of make believe.  The themes in question would actually run not just one or two episodes, but a handful of episodes.  To that extent, the creative forces behind Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood have done much the same thing with this program.  That’s evident throughout the series of shorts that make up each disc.  So both the people at PBS Kids and those behind the show have come together to pay true respect to the memory of Fred Rogers and his show in multiple ways here in such a small span of time.  That makes this more than just a bonus.  It makes it a wonderful tribute to the legacy and memory of Fred Rogers.

The manner in which the lessons on each disc are taught is itself a direct tribute to the memory and legacy of Mr. Rogers.  Just as much of a tribute is the lessons themselves.    Mr. Rogers always presented lessons to his young audiences that were both gentle and empowering in their own way. The lessons presented in both of these DVDs are presented in much the same fashion. When Daniel gets angry and jealous, his grown-up friends teach him gently how to handle those emotions. When he has to go to the doctor and is scared of going, a gentle, caring tone is used as it’s explained what the doctor does. These lessons and others taught through each of the shorts collected on the DVDs would make Mr. Rogers proud. The same can be said of everything else noted here. The lessons presented, the manner in which they are presented and the fact that the series directly pays homage to Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood together make both of these DVDs a joy for audiences of all ages again and again. They can be pre-ordered now online via the PBS online store at http://www.shoppbs.org.

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