Viewers Of All Ages Will Bug Out Over New Wild Kratts DVD

Courtesy:  PBS Kids/PBS

Courtesy: PBS Kids/PBS

PBS Kids released the latest DVD from its hit wildlife series Wild Kratts this past February. The DVD, Wild Kratts: Bugging Out, is another fun collection of episodes for fans of this family favorite series. Wild Kratts: Bugging Out boasts two more fun-filled episodes for the whole family. And as with previous DVDs from the series, this one also boasts coloring pages that can be printed out for kids as well as activities for those same audiences. There is much to say of both of these factors. But both together make this DVD one more that any teacher, parent, or student will enjoy just as much as previous Wild Kratts DVDs.

The two episodes contained on Wild Kratts: Bugging Out are collectively the foundation for the overall enjoyment of the recently released disc. The first of the episodes, “Secrets of the Spider’s Web” sees Martin and Chris having to face off against old foe Donita Donata once again. This time , Donita is trying to steal spiders for the silk that they spin. She wants it for her own fashion designs. And in the set’s second episode, “Attack of the Tree Eating Aliens”, the brothers Kratt have to figure out what’s causing a whole forest full of trees to die. The writers behind both episodes are to be commended for the work put into each one. Both stories move just fast enough to keep young viewers engaged through their near half-hour run time. At the same time, the writers throw in just enough geography and biology to make the show as interesting as it is entertaining. In this case, young viewers get to learn about how spiders spin their webs and how their webs actually catch prey. They also learn in the set’s second episode about the potentially disastrous effects of introducing foreign species into an environment in which they are not native. Both lessons make for good starting points for any biology teacher’s lessons. For that, the writers deserve their share of applause.

As much enjoyment as the two episodes included on this disc bring, the activity sheets and coloring pages are just as noteworthy. They are, much like the lessons in the episodes, wonderful tool for teachers and parents alike. One of the activities included in this disc teaches about the human body’s five senses. For teachers, it encourages them to set up a free zoo tour in which children can learn how different animals use their senses in the wild. It also offers a reading list for young readers that will better help them to understand how humans use their own senses every day. For parents, it offers an experiment involving various items that test the senses right in one’s own kitchen. There’s also a suggestion about talking to organizations such as National Organization of Parents of Blind Kids and the National Organizations of and for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. All of these activities and suggestions go hand in hand and can better lead to not only understanding of how people use their senses but also to an appreciation of how different people use senses in different situations.

Another activity included in this latest Wild Kratts DVD is a matching exercise for younger viewers. It asks children to match up a group of animals with their proper habitat. It also encourages building vocabulary skills by asking children to circle the animals whose names begin with vowels. Just as with the DVD’s other included activity, this double duty activity of sorts will impress parents and teachers even more. Together with the DVD’s two episodes, the entire package proves to be yet another great experience for viewers of all ages.

Wild Kratts: Bugging Out is available now on DVD and can be ordered direct from PBS’ online store at Audiences can see even more episodes and enjoy even more activities from Wild Kratts online now at More information on Wild Kratts is also available online at and To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to and “Like” it. Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at

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