PBS Kids’ Latest Daniel Tiger DVD Another Must Have For Any Family With Young Children

Courtesy:  PBS/ PBS Kids

Courtesy: PBS/ PBS Kids

PBS Kids recently released its newest DVD from its family favorite series Daniel tiger’s Neighborhood. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel Tries Something New is another wonderful addition to the home library of any family with young children. This latest compilation is only the third so far containing episodes from the series. This, believe it or not is something important for parents looking or something for their children especially now as parents count down the last few weeks of summer. Just as worth noting is the content itself within the episodes culled for this DVD. The episodes included in this set teach even more invaluable life lessons for young viewers. And last but hardly least important of this set is the inclusion of even more activities and printable coloring pages. Each factor noted by itself plays its own important role in the overall enjoyment of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel Tries Something New. All three factors together make this latest compilation a DVD a must have for any children with young children.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel Tries Something New is only the third compilation released so far from this family favorite series. This doesn’t seem all that important on the surface. But when taken into consideration that Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is currently only in its first season and that these DVDs aren’t exactly budget busters, parents won’t feel like they’re that far behind or that they’re too expensive if their children are asking for any of these DVDs. Sometimes, parents can feel overwhelmed when trying to keep up with this DVD or that DVD that their kids want or that would keep their children entertained. That won’t be the case here for the reasons noted. So as minor as these details might seem on the surface, the DVD’s cost effectiveness and the fact that it’s only the third DVD to be released so far become even more important in its overall enjoyment and success.

The cost effectiveness of the latest Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood DVD and that it’s only the third releases so far are both important factors for any parents trying to decide whether or not to pick up this DVD. It’s only one part of what parents should take into consideration in making their decisions. Just as important to consider are the lessons taught throughout the course of each of its eight shorts. “Daniel’s Babysiitter” teaches young viewers about both having patience and that just because parents go out, they aren’t leaving forever. This can apply not just to situations such as parents going out on a date night alone but to something as simple as a parent leaving the room for a few minutes. Speaking of parents going out, “A Night Out At The Restaurant” is another example of the lessons taught in this compilation. This short teaches children about proper behavior in a social situation. It also serves to reiterate the lesson of patience to young viewers. If that’s not enough, there are also lessons about playing nicely together and even multiculturalism. There are more lessons for young views in the episodes included on this DVD. And they will get those lessons when their parents pick up this DVD or order it online. It isn’t the last of factors worth noting on this DVD, either. Last but not least worth noting of this DVD is its bonus coloring pages and activities.

The printable coloring pages and activities included with the DVD as bonus material is its last but hardly least noteworthy factor. The activities included with this latest DVD help teach young viewers ways to express their feelings in a healthy way while eating healthy at the same time in the “Feeling Faces” activity.   And in the activity titled “All Aboard,” children get to pretend that they are going for a ride on their own make-believe trolley. It teaches them both about taking turns and that people always come back when they go on trips. It coincides with the first short on the DVD. All the instructions and details on both activities are included with the DVD. All a person needs is a DVD drive and Adobe Reader. The printable coloring pages included this time are the same as on the previous two Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood DVD compilations. And that brings everything full circle. That’s because parents don’t have to worry at least about the coloring pages being different on each of the DVDs. They are the same each time. That factor is the final touch to a DVD that in the end proves to be one more must have for any family with young children.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel Tries Something New is available now in stores and online. It can be ordered direct from the PBS Online store now. More information on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is available online now via the series’ Facebook page and official website. To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to the Phil’s Picks Facebook page and “Like” it. Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog, too.

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