Aurin Offers A Solid First Effort On its Pavement Entertainment Debut

Courtesy:  Pavement Entertainment

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment

Pavement Entertainment band Aurin’s debut full length release Catharsis is an interesting first effort from the Fair Lawn, New Jersey-based four-piece. Considering the background of the band’s members, the album’s title is rather fitting. Musically speaking, fans of Kittie, Eyes Set To Kill, and to a lesser extent Evanescence will enjoy the sound crafted by the band. Right off the top, the band grabs listeners with a song that seems to come across as a piece centered on the emotions felt by someone who has been betrayed by another. The emotion expressed by vocalist Sarah Anderson is rather deep to say the least. And the talent of her band mates adds to that emotional depth. That emotion doesn’t take long to turn even more ferocious as the band works its way through the driving ‘Vermin’ early on in the album’s sequencing. For all of the heaviness and ferociousness expressed throughout the course of Catharsis, the band actually does present a lighter moment late in the album in ‘Last Wish.’ While not being very long, it still boasts its own share of substance sure to have audiences taking notice. The songs noted here each present their own reason for audiences to check out Aurin’s new album. There are eight other tracks from which audiences will find as their favorite(s). Altogether, the songs that make up Catharsis prove this album to be a good first impression from Aurin.

Aurin’s first full length studio effort for Pavement Entertainment is a good first impression from this Fair Lawn, New Jersey-based band. The reason for that is the depth of emotion expressed by the band both musically and lyrically. The combination of both elements collectively gives the album quite an amount of power. That is obvious right off the top in the album’s opener ‘November.’ Vocalist Sarah Anderson’s vocals are near hypnotic as she sings “And we’ll work through the worst of which/You put to me/Now I am/Moving forward/Never looking back/On how you dragged me down/Can’t remember/Is your November here again/To suck me dry/Cause you’re losing/All the people that mattered/To me/In your life.”   The manner in which she sings these words (which this critic hopefully didn’t misinterpret, having to decipher them sans a lyric sheet/booklet) presents such a depth of emotion. The person to whomever Anderson is singing was anything but a good individual. She goes on to sing to said person, “Cause you are/A f&*%^# liar/Only seeing what/You want to.” Anderson does quite the job of translating the pain that the seemingly betrayed individual felt as a result of the actions and beliefs of the unnamed figure. And together with the work of her band mates—Andrew Wayne (guitars/vocals), Linda Medina (drums), and Joe Palamara (bass)—the song gains even more depth. The end result is a song that reaches that innermost emotion felt by so many who have been wronged, whether in terms of personal romantic relationships, friendships or other forms of personal relationships. It sets the tone for what is to come on this solid first effort from Aurin.

The emotional depth exuded by ‘November’s’ combination of music and lyrics make the song the right choice to open the band’s new album. The pain that is presented through Anderson’s vocals and the song’s lyrics feels so real. Believe it or not, there are some singers that aren’t believable when it comes to presenting that depth. That isn’t the case here. The work of Anderson’s band mates adds even more depth to that emotional presentation. Anderson and company show more than just pain and sadness in the songs that make up Catharsis. That is evident in the far more powerful ‘Vermin.’ ‘Vermin’ presents something of an agro-rock sound with its bass-driven musical side. This song is one of those moments when Anderson really gets to display her power. She once again uses her almost siren-like vocals here through the song’s verses. But the choruses see her lash out with the same power as any of today’s top female rock vocalists. And it goes without saying that there is some serious power behind her vocals when she does. Her power along with the talents of guitarist Andrew Wayne and drummer Linda Melina collectively make this song an obvious choice for a single. And it’s not the last of the album’s high points, either. For all of the emotional depth and fury expressed by the band throughout its Pavement Entertainment debut, the band also shows a much softer side. It displays that softer side in the album’s penultimate piece ‘Last Wish.’

‘Last Wish’ is one of the highest of highs presented by Aurin on its Pavement Entertainment debut record. The reason for this is that in its short run time (it runs just over two and a half minutes) the band displays just as much emotional depth as at any other point on the record. The difference is that the depth presented in this song is the result of the song’s gentility. It is a full-on acoustic track. And rather than Anderson singing, [Andrew] Wayne handles the vocal duties here. He sings over the simple, gentle strains of an acoustic guitar, “My last wish is to stay here with you/And my last wish is to see you and I awake/It’s the simple things in life/I’ve held onto/Cause in reality/You’re who I truly am/So I lie awake tonight/Your memory/The last time I start to breath.” Considering the emotional ride on which audiences are taken throughout the course of Catharsis, this more reserved, rather bittersweet song is a nice change of pace. It would be no surprise if it brings a tear to some listeners’ eyes as they listen. It is one more good addition to an album that is overall a solid first impression from one of the rock world’s next up-and-coming bands.

Aurin’s full-length Pavement Entertainment debut is a solid first effort. The album’s eleven total tracks take listeners on an emotional roller coaster ride that will leave them feeling completely spent in the best way possible. This is especially the case for the band’s younger audiences. Whether it be for the songs noted here or for those eight others not noted, there is a lot for the band’s audiences to enjoy throughout this record. Catharsis will be available in stores and online next Tuesday, October 14th. The band is currently touring in support of its upcoming album and will join Nonpoint next month at the Starland Ballroom as part of its tour. It will be in New York, New York this Thursday, October 9th alongside Icon For Hire and Fit For Rivals at Santos House Party. It will also hold a CD release party next Friday, October 17th in Clifton, New Jersey. Fans can check out Aurin’s latest tour schedule and updates, and order the band’s album online now at:





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