Ancient Aliens Box Set Is An Out Of This World Collection

Ancient Aliens The Complete Seasons 1 - 6The truth is out there.  Or is it?  For ages, people have claimed that beings from other worlds have visited Earth.  Those people have been knocked as nutjobs, crackpots, and much worse, much like those that have any belief in the paranormal.  What if there is something to their arguments, though?  What if beings from other worlds—aliens—have not only visited but have been here all along and have even played a role in the countless advances made by mankind for eons?  History Channel and H2’s hit series Ancient Aliens has pondered these questions for six seasons.  And the series’ seventh season is airing now on H2.  The series’ first six seasons run primarily right now on H2.  However, they do also run on History Channel at seemingly various times.  This can be a little bit troublesome for those that want to catch the series.  Thankfully, Lionsgate and History Channel are releasing the first six seasons in one complete box set for audiences tomorrow, November 11th.  Now audiences can see the series’ first six seasons anytime that they want.  That is the first and most important aspect of what makes this brand new box set a good addition to the collection of any of the series’ fans.  The episodes themselves are more than enough reason for audiences to pick up this box set.  Even if the episodes don’t win over everyone, one thing that can be said of them is that many of them will leave even the harshest skeptics questioning the world and the universe.  In direct connection to the content of the episodes included in this box set is the inclusion of twelve episodes that are new to DVD.  Each of these aspects by themselves make Ancient Aliens: The Complete Season 1 – 6 well worth adding to the collection of any sci-fi fan and any hardcore believer.  Collectively, they make this box set one of the best new box sets to binge on this weekend or any time this winter as the weather gets colder.

Ancient Aliens has proven to be quite the surprise for History Channel and its digital “sister station” H2.  Very few people expected this series to last more than one season when it premiered on History Channel back in 2009.  Since that time, it has gone on to be one of the networks’ biggest hits.  The problem is that not everybody gets H2.  And those that have History have to largely speculate as to when the network will run episodes.  This is a big problem for the show’s fans.  Enter the brand new six-season box set from Lionsgate and History Channel.  Six of the series’ current seven seasons are spread across twenty-three discs.  While the packaging is a little bit questionable, it is still nice to have them all in one place.  Having them all culled in one box means that audiences can watch any of the episodes anytime they want.  They can even binge on all six seasons without needing Netflix or any other streaming service.  That in itself is a huge plus as it’s an alternative both to cable AND streaming services.  So kudos are in order for both Lionsgate and History Channel for that.

The presentation of Ancient Aliens’ first six seasons in one box is by itself an important part of the box’s overall success.  It means being able to watch any episode from the series’ first six season any time that viewers want.  For those that so choose, it even means getting to do lots of binge watching since that seems to be something of a movement now.  And they can do so without the need for Netflix or any other streaming service.  By direct connection, the episodes themselves are just as important to the overall presentation that is Ancient Aliens: The Complete Seasons 1- 6.  From aliens beneath the sea to ancient alien treasures to the alleged genetic link between humans and aliens, audiences get plenty of interesting material.  Some of the stories and theories presented across the series’ six season set are thought provoking, while others are obviously rather laughable.  Regardless, the topics and concepts discussed across the set’s six seasons and eighty-two total episodes are enough to leave even the harshest critics at least questioning at a little bit the world and universe around them even if they still remain skeptical.  The fact that these episodes could leave even the harshest of nonbelievers questioning things even a little bit is quite a statement in favor of these episodes.  It is one more reason for any viewer(s) to pick up this brand new box set.

The episodes that make up Ancient Aliens: The Complete Seasons 1 – 6 are rather interesting to say the least.  Again, some of the topics and theories discussed leave a lot of room for discussion.  Others on the other hand are less likely to have audiences believing.  The very fact that the episodes in whole will leave even the harshest critics questioning the world and the universe (even a little) is a major positive for this box set. Speaking of the episodes culled for the box set, also included are twelve previously unreleased episodes. Those episodes all come from the series’ sixth season. They have not been released on the previously released stand-alone Season Six box sets. That means roughly twelve hours of deep, thought provoking material that was previously unavailable to audiences. It means twelve more hours of conspiracy theories, cover ups and supposedly hidden history that sci-fi fans and alien enthusiasts will love.

The bonus addition of twelve previously unreleased episodes coupled with the series’ already released episodes makes Ancient Aliens: The Complete Seasons 1 – 6 a great gift idea for any sci-fi fan or alien enthusiast. The very topics and theories discussed within every one of the set’s eighty-two total episodes makes this set even more worth the watch for its key audiences. And the fact that they are all combined into one single box set makes the deal even sweeter. Each factor alone makes this set a must for any fan of what has become one of History and H2’s most surprising series. Collectively, they make Ancient Aliens: The Complete Seasons 1 – 6 an *ahem* out of this world gift for any lover of all things extraterrestrial. Yes, that bad pun was fully intended. It will be available tomorrow, November 11th in stores and online. It can be ordered direct from History Channel’s online store at More information on this and other History Channel Series is available online at:





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