Shout! Factory, Shout! Kids Start 2015 Strong With New Chuck & Friends DVD

Courtesy:  Shout! Factory/Shout! Kids

Courtesy: Shout! Factory/Shout! Kids

2014 is officially in the books and 2015 has officially started. And while the year is only on its first day, parents and kids alike already have plenty of reason to be excited. That’s because Shout! Kids and Hasbro Studios will release the latest compilation of episodes from Discovery Family’s hit family friendly series The Adventures of Chuck & Friends this month. The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Rev Your Engines will be released on DVD Tuesday, January 13th. There is just as much to take away from this compilation, the seventh from the series, as those that have come before. The main thing that audiences will take away from this collection is its invaluable lessons. Every one of the compilation’s ten episodes teaches its own invaluable lesson. Also, audiences of all ages will appreciate the episodes’ short run time. Each episode runs roughly eleven minutes. By direct connection, the pacing of each episode helps to keep young audiences engaged. The end result of these factors together is a release that is the first great DVD for children and family of 2015.

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Rev Your Engines is this year’s first great DVD for children and families. The primary reason for this title is the fact that each of its ten episodes includes its own important lesson. While most of the episodes in this compilation feature important life lessons, at least one episode—“Bridging The Gap”—highlights the importance of science education. The lesson is set up when Handy explains his science project, a rubber band-powered plane, to Chuck and the others. When Handy’s plane actually takes flight and lands on the other side of a gap in the forest, they have to figure out how to build a bridge to get across and get the plane. So, not only does the episode teach the importance of science education, but it also teaches the most basic fundamentals of engineering. It’s good to see that Hasbro Studios and Shout! Kids have included “Bridging The Gap” in their latest compilation from The Adventures of Chuck & Friends. The lessons centered on the importance of science education and engineering show that both can be fun. And in an age when kids are increasingly being driven away from such fundamentals and more towards all things internet, they become increasingly important as part of the compilation’s whole. They prove to be just as important as the equally invaluable life lessons included in the set’s other episodes. Speaking of those lessons, the lesson in handling bullies in the disc’s closer “The Bully” is another important addition to the set. This episode teaches young viewers the ways to deal with bullies. It highlights the importance of getting an adult when one is dealing with a bully. In its own way, this episode explains that getting an adult involved when dealing with a bully is not tattling. It is doing the right thing. It also explains that there are other measures that can be taken along with contacting an adult about a bully. In a time when bullying remains a serious problem across America, this lesson is one of the most important taught in any of the set’s episodes. On a related note, “Chuck in Charge” teaches about bullying in another way. This episode teaches that leaving people out of one’s activities without any good reason is not a very nice thing to do. While it doesn’t come out and say it, it equates leaving people out of activities to bullying of its own sort. It’s one more of so many great lessons spread across the disc that proves why every parent and child should pick up this DVD.

If the noted episodes aren’t enough reason for audiences to check out this DVD when it is released, there are other episodes that will definitely convince them. “Brother Borrowing” indirectly tackles the subject of jealousy. It could even serve as a starting point in tackling the issue of sibling rivalry in its own right. “Little Big Chuck” teaches children that it’s okay to be young and that they shouldn’t rush to grow up. And “Boomer The Snowplow” teaches children to believe in themselves and that they can be anything they want to be. Yet again, more proof of why the lessons incorporated into this collection more than make it worth the purchase. Whether it be any of these many lessons or those remaining not noted, it can be said with certainty that the lessons taught through the set’s ten episodes are collectively the most important reason for the collection’s enjoyment.

The lessons that are taught throughout each of the ten episodes in Chuck & Friends’ new collection are collectively the most important reason for the compilation’s success and enjoyment. The show’s writers waste little time delivering each lesson, too. Each episode runs roughly eleven minutes in length. Taking into account the average attention span of the show’s target audience, eleven minutes is just enough time to keep said audiences engaged. Were they any longer, the writers risked losing those eyeballs and minds. It would also mean that in potentially losing those eyeballs and minds the all-important lessons in each episode would have been all for naught. So for that reason, those behind the show are to be commended for maintaining what is one of the show’s long-held standards in these episodes.

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Rev Your Engines offers some rather invaluable lessons throughout each of its ten episodes. Each episode teaches a lesson different from the last. No one lesson is less valuable than the other. The run time of each episode gives the show’s writers just enough time to deliver their lessons without losing their audiences. By direct connection, the pacing of each episode is just as important as the episodes’ run times. They move at a pace that is not necessarily rapid fire but at a pace that leaves not one second to waste. Simply put, not even parents will be left scratching their heads. The pacing is just enough that it allows audiences of all ages to follow the stories and still understand the episodes’ underlying lessons. The end result is full enjoyment of each episode and a great starting point for a whole new group of discussions between parents and children. It collectively proves The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Rev Your Engines to be 2015’s first great DVD for children and families.

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Rev Your Engines will be available on DVD Tuesday, January 13th. It can be pre-ordered online via Shout! Factory’s online store at More information on this and other releases from Shout! Factory and Shout! Kids is available online at:



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